Lab Report – Analysing the relationship between depression, self-esteem and level of Athlete Identity

write a 2500 word research report that will include all key sections of a scientific APA style paper. demonstrate knowledge of research design issues and hypothesis testing, as well as appropriate selection, interpretation and reporting of statistical analyses. This will be based on a research proposal I have already typed up for a prior assessment which I will be attaching to this along with other guidelines that you probably wont need just in case. I will also be attaching an SPSS file that is from a survey we ran. I only need the Rosenberg Self Esteem scale, Athlete identity scale, demographic information and DASS21 interpreted from the results. OMIT the others, they are irrelevant to this study. If you can’t figure out which is which, switch to variable view for clarity. Any other related information should become coherent from my shabby research proposal, including what is to be done with the data, which variables are being tested for what, etc.

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