Lab Report, Chemistry

Project description
A short (2 page) report is due at the beginning of next weeks
lab period. It is a partial, rather than full, report and should
be prepared and submitted individually, rather than in
groups. It will consist only of the Introduction and Results
sections of a full report.
The first page should be an Introduction 3 paragraphs long.
In the first paragraph, you should talk about what radiation is and why the everyday citizen
might care about it. The second paragraph should discuss different types of radiation
(alpha, beta, and gamma.) Be sure to mention the different physical properties of each,
including electric charge and mass. The third paragraph should relate these properties to
the ability of each type of radiation to penetrate different materials. Be sure to provide
references for any information you find, including your textbook.
The second page should have your Results. It must include your completed table above.
Additionally, you need to describe your data in about one paragraph. For example, for each
substance, what was the largest percent change? Were any of your percent change values
positive, rather than negative? You do not need to discuss why this might be. Only describe
the data youve presented.
Post-lab Questions
Please answer the following in your notebook:
1. Do you think its necessary to subtract the no source and air / no shielding value
from your other measurements? Why or why not?
2. Is there a material (paper, foil, gelatin) that seemed to stop the most radiation,
regardless of the type of radiation? Speculate on why this might be.
3. Is there a type of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma) that seems easiest to stop, based on
your results? Why might this be, in terms of the physical properties of that type of
Instruction files

160128_radioisotope_lab_2.pdf(891,40 KiB)

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