Late Adulthood and Death

Late Adulthood and Death

Ageing is the process of becoming old and coming to terms with death comes hand in hand for the elderly. At such point, it is important to spend time with family and friends as elderly people reflect on their life and attach value to the stages they have passed through and the achievements they have made throughout their lives.

A brief description of Indian culture

Indian culture is the oldest culture with civilization beginning about 4,500 years ago and also one of the most highly populated countries in the world (Ganeri & Anita, 3). Hindi is the official language in India although in India there are 23 officially recognized languages.

How religion influence how Indians view ageing and death

Approximately 79% of the Indian population practice Hinduism religion as it is the most dominant religion in India (Ganeri & Anita, 2). The Indians treat the elderly with respect and most of the families grow in close contact with their grandmothers and grandfathers as they are believed to be the custodians of knowledge as they have experienced more.  The Hindus believe that the spirit of every person is eternal and embrace the supreme personal God and the concept of Karma. In Hindu religion, death is a part of a natural cycle, and the idea of reincarnation provides a point of comfort and offers them a feeling of ego and a chance to see the relevance of ageing and death (Chatterjee, Suhita, & Jaydeep Sengupta, 7).

Views on medicine and treatment of the ageing

It is hard to separate health and ageing as age acts as a predisposing factor to some of the health conditions. Most elderly people are not in a position to cater for their medical bills or health insurance policies, and most countries have programs that subsidize treatment for their elderly like health conditions and therefore making medical care affordable to them. Some diseases in the Alzheimer’s disease addressed through proper management either through home care by the family of in nursing homes.

Comparison between Indian and United States view on ageing population and death and dying

In both United States and India the elderly are highly respected, and therefore they hold some value in the family, communal and the national setup. The Americans face death with fear and sorrow as compared to the Indians where they view death as a normal stage of life and celebrate the dead especially those who die of old age.

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