Leadership and AONE Leadership

Leadership and AONE Leadership

As a leader one has to create an inspiring future vision and inspire or motivate his subjects towards achieving their vision. There are some characteristics that are critical and for one to be a leader they must strive to ensure that they possess them for them to be able to streamline the working environment and therefore create an enabling environment for their subjects. Some of the characteristics that I am using at the PI project are decision making, honesty, good communication skills, creativity, positive attitude flexibility and confidence skills. This enables me coordinate all the activities of the project in such a manner that I am fee with my subject and that the goal to be achieved is so clear from all direction therefore making it easy for all parties.

Some of the skills discussed in the article are mentoring, change management which I have achieved through being flexible enough to implement and adopt new changes in the project just in case the original plan fails to work.. I also use fundamental thinking skills which enable me to view issues in different directions and therefore being in a position to go for the easy way out during the implementation of the project. Personal journey discipline has enables me to be free and maintain good relationship with my subjects and therefore reducing chances of resistance to change as well as having an understanding as we implement the projects goals and objectives. The ability to use system thinking enables me to link well with the projects agenda as I am able to link all the aspects of the project and have a holistic view of all the fundamental issues and therefore making it easy for me bring on board all my subjects and explain to them the importance of the project. Succession planning is also stated as one of the most important ski9lls in leadership. This skill however I need to work on as in leadership there is always the need to groom someone for a leadership position and the system has been so tight that I have not been able to concentrate on this aspect.

In the leadership video some of the characteristics that are discussed as fundamental in nursing leadership are mentoring, taking risk, have a strong vision, stepping out of the comfort zone and being at the table when policy decisions are made. The characteristic that speaks to me the most is having a strong vision. As one started the nursing career the one thing that keeps us going is the vision and the direction that one wishes to take their career and also having a great impact in the society. This has been one of the critical derives that most nurses apply and enable them to flow smoothly in their jobs.

I will apply the characteristics in my field in different ways that will ensure that the nursing effect crates an impact in the healthcare industry. I will apply the mentorship skill in nursing through encouraging the experienced nurses to mentor and guide the new graduate nurses and therefore help them effectively to be up to speed on the critical and the most fundamental nurses issues they should observe. I will also ensure that I promote decision making practices and most importantly in the evidence based practices as they have been seen to have a positive influence on the nursing activities and this would help improve the effectiveness of the nursing activities and therefore bringing transformation in the nursing industry. Encouraging nurses to peruse higher education would also be a way of mentoring them as this is the greatest tool that can lead to effectively adopting and implementation of EBP in the healthcare industry. To complement this nurses empowerment and benchmarking strategies would go in line with the day to day activities as this would make sure that the nursing fraternity gets and exposure of the improved nursing practices and therefore implementing and spreading the same to make sure the industry makes positive strides.

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