Leadership assessment

Leadership assessment

How leadership assessment helps in reflecting on one’s strengths and weaknesses

Hynes (2016) states that assessing one’s leadership style and methods helps in determining which direction your team is taking and the farthest the group can go. The leadership assessment helped me identify my leadership qualities needed to lead a group in the path required (Nobbe & Soria, 2016). It assisted me in determining the areas that I have been lenient on and has caused slow or poor coordination in the business or place of work that I am heading. The assessment guided me in determining what I need to change or add to my leadership style in a bid to improve the quality of leadership.

One of such leadership assessment is the 360 assessment which gives one an objective feedback on the effect you are causing on the individuals around you (Islam, 2014). The leadership assessment assists the leader and the workers to look in the same direction that the company or industry aspires to move in. Moreover, it helps the leaders practice what they tell others to do and also assists the manager as well as workers to work in coordination.

Importance of Leader Managing his/her Team

As a leader, it is important to manage your team as this will lead to harmony among the team members. The role will also result to good and improved work as well as personal relationship between the members and their leader (Hynes, 2016). This means that it is important as a leader to introduce an assessment and in the process make sure it fits all the workers without victimizing or criticizing some members. To achieve this harmony, it will be best for the leader to divide the group into subgroups of people with same qualifications so that one can apply an assessment that fits all (Roberts & Bailey, 2016).


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