Leadership Development

Leadership Development


Leadership development should give high priority to co-creation and creation of positive relationship within the organization. This course work describes how ADV can change in order to view leadership development from the perspective of relational and co-creational leadership. In addition, how leadership development would be like in the new era organization is discussed.

Changes ADV needs to make

Robbins, Millet and Waters-Marsh (2010) postulate that organization leadership development should include the development of both the leaders and their individual followers. The leadership development programs should emphasize on the need to involve employees through finding ways in which they can be actively involved in finding solutions for issues affecting the organization and employees themselves. The leadership development program should impress on the need for the organization leaders to motivate their employees to be committed towards achieving common goals that will have positive impacts on the team’s outcomes. Robbins et al., (2010) state that to facilitate employee motivation the leaders must discover ways to motivate their employees. The leadership development programs should define ways of testing leader’s motivations and continuously strive to improve the leader’s awareness of how their personalities and behaviors affect others. Co-creating leadership implies leaders working with their followers. Therefore, the leadership program should educate on benefits of team work. Robbins et al., (2010) urge that leadership development should promote cooperation hence educate leaders on how to operate as a team that should be aligned with the functional and hierarchical boundaries within the organization. To facilitate these, the leadership development should leverage co-communication by ensuring communication plans are given the highest priority. Effective communication plans should be established to promote information sharing, encourage employees to provide inputs in decision making and create a clear communication process and structure for reporting on issues that are pertinent to the success of the organization.

Leadership development in a new era organization

According to Robbins et al., (2010), after adoption of the changes to co-creating and relational style, the leadership development would promote transformations that creates a foundation for a dynamic and high performing organization culture. The leadership development would be about boosting the leader’s confidence and encouraging continuous learning and growth of the leader’s by enabling them to have humility to recognize that they have a lot to learn. Robbins et al., (2010) concur that co-creational and relational leadership styles will promote a leadership development strategy that encourages the leaders to be open minded hence they be willing to accept inputs from their followers. Robbins et al., (2010) note leadership development that promotes co-creating and relational styles focuses on building the development of the leaders and the followers to become effective leaders. The leadership development would be focusing on the interpersonal relationships or linkages between the leaders and the team and within the team members.


In order to view leadership development from the perspective of co-creation and relational leadership style ADV needs to ensure the development of not only the leaders but also their followers. The organization leadership development needs to boost the leader’s confidence and encourage continuous learning. The leadership development need to focus on the interpersonal relationship of leaders and the team members.


Stephen Robbins, Bruce Millet & Terry Waters-Marsh (2010). The Leadership Development HandbookCenter for Creative Leadership and Organizational Behavior, published by Prentice Hall

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