Formulating Leadership

Diversity in organizations is a key aspect which can be encouraged in companies to bring about new and younger leaders. Trends, standards, and riffs are some of the generational differences that have contributed to our culture and professionalism. This different behavior can be useful when utilized by millennials and senior managers to encourage growth and improve productivity among these leaders.

On that note, Millennials also known as Generation Y individuals will in a couple of years start leading organizations. Millenials are critical to identifying business opportunities, maximize technology utilization, spur and embrace change, grow experience and global exposure. However, millennials have a different set of outlooks that can be cultivated to increase their number in particular organizations (Maria et al., 2012).High performing organizations have embraced practices to prepare and engage millennials for success this include: coaching and praising, due to their social conditions they exposed to, most have a healthy fear of failure and to combat this anxiety in them the first-choice employer ensures investing in them continuous development.

Millennials, unlike previous generations who chose long term stable jobs, they prefer working for several companies over few number of years. Therefore, companies tend to offer them ‘tours of duty’by mimicking such kind of environment through provocative innovation (James et al.,2012). Millennials embrace digital technology advances and appreciate technology role of eliminating bureaucracy and the instant access to information to people worldwide thus; the organization should keep technology at the forefront.


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