Management Communication

Management Communication

Cyber-attack is a criminal activity whereby hackers try to cause destructions to computer network and systems with the aim of benefiting financially from the act. Hackers may be individuals, group of people, an organization or a given nation (Bradley & Campbel, 2016, p. 443). Mostly, for an attempt to cause damage to computer systems, the information regarding the information technology within a given organization is usually disclosed by one of the members of that particular organization. The act of cyber-attack may bring about inconveniences within the organization and outside the organization, therefore, leading to great losses to that company. This is because once the computer systems have been altered some vital information may get lost therefore rendering an organization handicapped.

The company incurs the cost of recovering the lost information for the continued effective running of an organization, therefore, reduced profits (Broadhurst, 2016). Cyber-attack is a criminal activity whereby if one is caught performing the act, he or she should be punished by security bodies within a particular country. The criminal can be punished by being jailed for life or by paying the amount of money he or she was to obtain illegally from the affected organization. Through this, these acts of the cyber attempt may be reduced or come to an end majority of criminals may fear those consequences. Businesses hit by ransom ware are those that are greatly developed, much known and generate huge net revenue.

Microsoft is an organization in Washington concerned with the computer network and systems such as laptops, computers, and smartphones (Brown, 2015, p. 55). About the handling of the cyber-attack incident by the Microsoft Company, there are three theories whereby the analysis on problem-solving is drawn. These theories are; theory x, theory y and theory z which guide the management of any organization in running their organization effectively. McGregor’s Theory x describes the human being as being naturally lazy, and he or she will avoid work where possible (Dumitru & Voinea, 2015). Thus, the Microsoft in relation to handling the cyber- attack issue should pass orders to its employees on how to carry out their work and threaten them in case they disclose any necessary information to the general public which may enable them to hack those systems.

Employees who work in Microsoft Company should highly be guarded as they are more technologically endowed. They should be provided with necessary incentives such as good salaries and wages (Crawford & Evans, 2017, p. 797). The organization should educate its employees on how delicate and important the computer network and systems are to individuals, organizations and the nation. Many individuals may exchange some useful information to the hackers for money which they do not work for as they are naturally lazy. Australia is a developed country, and hence most of its operations are carried out with the help of computer networks and systems in both the governmental and non-governmental bodies. The technology use has evolved to such level that students at junior and senior levels learn through the internet in that, they can carry out assignments and submit them online to their lectures via email with the aid of technological advancements.

Theory y is the opposite of theory x as it describes human beings as ambitious, self-driven and self-motivated and they view work as pleasure (Backhaus, Bent, Bono, Lee, Tracey, Wolpert, Xie & Yildiz, 2013). Individuals in theory y tend to drive themselves to perform their tasks to their capabilities for the great result. They usually operate under minimal supervision as work is part of human being. In this theory, Microsoft Company should greatly support teamwork among its employees since collaboration is viewed as normal by the workers. With unity, the secrets of the organization are highly guarded by both the management and the workers, and therefore it might be hard for the hackers to obtain any information which may enable them to carry out any cyber-crime. The management may call on regular meetings with its employees to discuss any upcoming issues which need to be solved to curb cyber-crime since they work as a team.

The employees have a chance to submit any information regarding any network and system destruction from outside the industry to be handled in advance. Unlike theory x, in theory, y the employees are not commanded, but they have a choice. They are given a chance to pass on their complaints, or any additional information which may be of help in running the company as they drive themselves and work to their level best (Erbert, 2016). Microsoft Company, one of those companies which are more successful globally in the field of computer networks and systems, should reward their workers for good work thus, improved performance and more guarded company’s secrets. This may reduce or bring to an end cybercrime globally. With the reduced cybercrime, there is economic growth and improved standards of living among the general public as they can operate their daily activities.

Theory z is drawn from American and Japanese management style. It encourages employee taking part, and it emphasizes on employees rotating in all departments within the organization to avoid routine or monotony which in return will enable an employee to be fully informed on a given field. Theory z also encourages skill development and highly guarding of the secrets of the company by both the management and the employees (Wall, 2015). Employees in this theory are trusted to carry out their responsibilities to their capabilities, and the management is given the mandate to support them to ensure their well- being. Microsoft in relation to theory z should ensure that its employees are working in a conducive environment as it ensures workers well -being. Also, with the trust offered to the workers by the management, the employees obtain that feeling of being part and one of the organizations.

Hence, they operate and highly hide any secrets which might be of help to the hackers (Rid & Buchanan, 2015, p. 4). The employees may fear that if they disclose any secret regarding the operation of computer networks and systems, he or she is betraying him or herself as they feel they are part of that company. Through trust by the management of the employees, the company is most likely to run smoothly with any secrets of the organization highly guarded. This may lead to reduced cases of cyber-attack globally. The cyber-attack usually occurs, as a result, necessary information disclosure by that individual who at one time have had worked with Microsoft and other companies dealing with networks and systems. It is necessary for organizations may it be in the technology sector, processing sector or construction sector to always consider and be guided by these three theories for effective running of their organizations.

According to the press release, there are two private businesses in Australia in this year which the federal government has identified that has been affected by the ransom ware attack. The three businesses affected by cyber-attack include; Spanish Telco Telefonica and United States delivery service FedEx. During the incident of cyber-attack, a large number of computer systems were hacked globally leading to interference to its users. The main aim of those criminals is to gain financial benefits by asking for huge amount of money once they succeed in their action from the affected companies (Robinson, Eller, Gall & Gerber, 2013). According to cyber security minister Dan Tehan during an interview on ABC news, the incident of the cyber-attack was a reminder to the Australians on cyber-security (Wang & Lu, 2013, p. 344). Individuals should be alert at all times to ensure that such incidences do not completely occur or they are reduced to the maximum.

Spanish Telco Telefonica was affected on Friday, May 2017 by cyber-attack which locked up computer systems for the huge amount of money. On hacking, health centres and healthcare providers in England were unable to offer services to their patients. Hackers may attack other large corporations since they have the guts to attack Spanish Telco Telefonica even with its sophisticated security operations. On the other hand, United States delivery service FedEx was attacked with ransom ware on Wednesday, July 2017 which slowed the distribution services of FedEx Company. Cyber-attack can lead to shutting down of company’s operations by interfering with logistical systems, like packages tracking and routine.

The Australians should upgrade their anti-virus software in fighting against the cyber-attack that has largely affected health centres, industries and organizations worldwide. With a country free from any attacks, there are developments and improved standards of living among the citizens. Cyber-attack is the most common criminal offence that affects many organizations as criminals try to obtain a free and huge amount of cash. Industries in Australia which is an already developed country operate with the use of computers whereby they keep data and receive any information both financial and non-financial. For a hacker to get access to any organizations data, he or she must have adequate information such as the password of that particular organization. The hacker may obtain information from an individual who works in that organization or who may have worked there to initiate the act.

Microsoft says that cyber-attack has largely affected a lot of its users globally and the only weapon against cybercrime is software upgrading (Hui, Kim & Wang, 2017, p. 497). In this, individuals and organizations are urged by the Microsoft to take all the precautions necessary against cyber-attack as they try to come up with new strategies of fighting it. According to Tehan during an interview at sky news passed a message which was intended to reach all individual at the departmental and governmental level on important steps regarding cybercriminal activities (Downes, Rock & McLaughlin, 2016). They should be equipped with necessary and advanced information technology systems. Departmental heads should highly guard all the necessary information which may be used by criminals to get access to the company’s safe. At the departmental level, the only persons who should access the company’s stronghold are those that are given the duty of guarding it to ensure safety and accountability.

The departmental heads should offer education and training to its juniors on the importance of keeping the organization’s information a secret so that the hackers may be unable to hack. The departmental heads should treat their juniors as one of them so that they may have that feeling of belonging, therefore, promoting ownership of an organization by workers. At the governmental level, there should be set laws regarding any criminal offence in that for every criminal offence; there is punishment. With effective action against criminal activities, there is reduced cybercrime within organizations hence, improved performances among organizations which lead to increased productivity. The government should ensure that the set laws and policies are strictly adhered to by the general public for a conducive working country (Broadhurst, Grabosky, Alazab, Bouhours & Chon, 2014). Hackers may fear to carry out criminal activities with effective action upon them by the security sector within the country.

United States president Donald Trump ordered his security advisor, Tom Bossert to call on for an emergency meeting to discuss the threat posed by the global computer ransom-ware cyber-attack to try come up with solutions to the problem. With efforts to come up with solutions to cyber-crime, another meeting was held in White House situation room by the FBI and NSA. With the USA being a developed nation, it is trying hard to bring to an end cyber-crime through calling for meetings by the government officials to discuss ways and means to curb the activity. The governmental body may improve on the already existing techniques of fighting against the crime or can come up with new ideas to ensure the well-being of industries in the country.

To conclude, the cyber attempt is a criminal offence which can greatly affect the organization financially if it occurs. Cybercrime may even lead to a closure of the business in case the hackers succeed to obtain all the money that the organization operates upon leaving them bankrupt (Kellerman, 2014, p. 40). Organizations’ management should be very careful on how they run their operations and to whom they disclose their information to such as the password to their money vault to ensure its safety. Employees within the organization should also ensure that they do not spread information regarding their company as a means of preventing it from hackers and any other kind of criminal offence. The management of the affected organization should come up with programs whose purpose is to convince the employees on the importance of keeping secrets of their organization such as safety.


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