Managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting

The Middle East is at the forefront regarding business. Most of the products are purchased at convenient prices that are considered as beneficial to the customers. The level of competition is stiff since it is a business dominated region. The businesses thrive well since there is customer loyalty and the fact that the government creates a good environment for businessmen to operate (Shair, 2006). In the Middle East, food and other products are bought from the supermarkets. There are various supermarkets such as Azizia Panda supermarket which has a chain of 124 supermarkets and hypermarkets across the city (Product Categories Supermarket News, 2010). There is also Carrefour KSA which is a Saudi Arabian arm of the international retail supermarket and hypermarket chain. There are also boutiques where clothes, shoes, and other accessories are bought. They include Spontiphoria and Bambah which are famous in the Middle East for the high-quality products they offer to their customers (Marsh, 2015). 

Some of the items bought in the supermarkets are foodstuffs, house appliances and other accessories (Supermarkets Saudi Arabia Middle East, 2011). Most of the foodstuffs are stored under controlled temperatures to avoid spoiling. Preservation of the foodstuff makes them last long in the supermarkets thereby avoiding incurrence of huge losses by the business men. The house appliances are not vulnerable to spoilage. The merchandise are properly arranged on shelves making them accessible by the customers at any time (Shair, 2006). The appliances are of different make. It is for the customers to choose since all appliances are of high standards. Considering the boutiques, all different types of clothes as well as shoes for both gender are readily available and properly displayed for the customers. Most of the products in the boutiques such as jewelry are of high standards to entice the clienteles and draw their attention thereby creating an interest to buying the items.



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