Managing Human Resource

Managing Human Resource

  1. Briefly describe your “dream” job. From Table 10.2 on page 298, “Most Common Questions Asked during the Interview” information, develop written responses you would give to any three of the ten questions if you were being interviewed for your “dream” job.

My dream job

My dream job is being a hospitality expert.  The position is based on personnel who can advise any hospitality premises on issues that entai ls operations service delivery to their guests. Other roles include advice on the best accommodation strategies that can be used to attract business in a hospitality industry such as architectural designs and appliances to be installed.


Is a student undertaking bachelors in hospitality management with a lot of enthusiasm in the hospitality industry. I have a passion for ensuring that guests are satisfied with the services that they are given. Personality is one aspect that will drive me to make right decisions that will result to quality guest services


Am seeking your employment because I believe in my capability to offer good management skills in the field of hospitality, Am passionate about hospitality since I have had different interactions with stakeholders in this area, and therefore I know what changes would be needed to improve the industry.


A manager should be in a position to make a rational decision that will ensure the organization is achieving success. They should have strong desire to accomplish the tasks of the body. Through consultation of other employees, he/she must ensure that he guards the rights of the employees and protects them fully

  1. Develop written responses for the Going Green Discussion Questions on page 308 of the text.
  2. Describe some of Google’s green initiatives.

Google Company has provided green initiatives that employees are subjected to. It has initiated the use of Google’s biodiesel shuttles by its employees which has reduced the number of diesel emissions from the employee’s vehicles. Furthermore, the company provides electric vans that their employees can still use to conserve the environment.

  1. How is Google rewarding employees for adopting greener behaviors?

The company has incentives for the employees. Its employees are rewarded indirectly since when they take advantage of the company’s vessel, they can save their money and earn bonuses. Employees who have personal vehicles can leave their cars at home and use their means which by doing it they will be able to channel the fuel costs into other human wants they desire

  1. Why do you think it is important for Google to model green behaviors for employees?

With the increase in the emission of carbon into the atmosphere, Google Company has a role to play to ensure that there is a reduction in the discharge. The basic reason is that Google employs a large population of employees who when they embrace the green lifestyle the world will realize a substantial decrease in the emission.

  1. Complete the self-assessment section of the Build Your Skills “Appreciating and Valuing Diversity” questions on pages 322 – 323 of the text. Report your score and discuss what indications and opportunities for growth it might suggest you pursue from the Task area (you do not form a group but rather share your personal ideas briefly in your written response).
Do you . . . Regularly Sometimes Never
 Make a conscious effort not to think stereotypically?    
2.          Listen with interest to the ideas of people who don’t think like you do?    
   Respect other people’s opinions, even when you disagree?    
4.         Spend time with friends who are not your age, race, gender, or the same           economic status and education?    
5.        Believe your way is not the only way?    
6.        adapt well to change and new situations?    
7.         Enjoy travelling, seeing new places, eating different foods, and experiencing other cultures?    
8.            Try not to offend or hurt others?    
9.         Allow extra time to communicate with someone whose first language is not yours?    
10.     Consider the effect of cultural differences on the messages you send and adjust them accordingly?    


Regularly 8 by 5 ¬ equals 40

Sometimes 2 by 3 equals 6

Total            46 points

I believe that the score I have entirely depicted the type of a person that I am. To foster on that, certain qualities such as understanding, humility and my social life are among personal indicators that can tell how much of importance I value the diversity of different people respecting their distinct culture and appreciating them.

  1. Complete the following Internet Exercise.

Summarize each company’s Diversity and/or Inclusion stated policies.

EY Company

The company embraces top diversity culture since their values, and business strategies are routed based on the inclusivity of everyone. Some of the aspects of diversity it fosters include equitable mentoring, sponsoring of talents and empowering of its employees. The other advantage is that the company was the only bone which ensured equalization of parental leave. It ensured that both parents have enough time for the preparations of welcoming their unborn child.

Johnson & Johnson Company

Unlike other company Johnson Company has been able to ascend to higher ranks due to its ability of mentoring participation. The companies ensure that its employees are well educated about unconscious bias to ensure that everyone is treated uniformly. Furthermore, to ensure that employees from diverse culture have a harmonized relationship, it has assured that cross- culturing mentoring awareness has been made through cross-gender, cross-region, and cross-segment.

Marriott international company

The company upholds a saying that goes by ‘take care of the associates, they will take care of the customers, and the customers will come back.’ It has employed a family environment whereby employees interact freely with one another regardless of their races, native language, and nationality. They ensure that they employ an amalgam of different people to ensure that there is an integration of the company’s diversity. The most critical diverse aspect no the company, unlike other companies, is the fact that they have increased the number of women and minorities employees in the leadership roles at least to make them feel that they can offer their management roles without limits.

Compare the three and discuss which company you would most likely prefer to work for based on their diversity policies.

As a result of the three company analysis, it can be concluded that different companies have different aspects of diversity although some might have significant influence globally while others can only be seen at local levels or regional levels. For instance, Johnson & Johnson companies have employed diversity on the aspect of mentoring while the EY company from the parental perspective. Personally, I would like to work for Marriott international company since they can be viewed as a diverse global company. Most of their outlets exist in about three-quarter of the county in the world, and they have been practicing diversity over an extended period.


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