Mass Communication and Society

Mass Communication and Society

First Essay Guide

(200 points or 20% of your final grade)

(1500 words, roughly five to seven pages- double space & font size 12)

bibliography not counted in total words)

The purpose of this assignment is deepening your understanding of media and its role in a society and how social forces shape the development and use of mass media. For this assignment you should select a mass medium, discuss its role in the society, and examine the social forces that shape the development and use of the selected medium.

The length of the paper should be 1500 words or five to seven double spaced pages with standard (1 inch all sides) margins. In addition, it should also include a “Works Cited” (MLA) or “References” (APA) page(s). Citation is extremely important and inconsistency would significantly lower your grade.

In order to keep your paper to only three pages (1500 words), try to think that you should think of your topic as a question to be answered. When writing your paper, keep in mind these five parts:


  1. Introduction to the selected medium.


  1. Present the history or origin of the medium.


  1. Contextualize and discuss the role of the medium in the society.


  1. Identify and examine the social forces shaping the development and use of the medium


  1. Provide a conclusion. Some of the points you will have gleaned from your reading, but feel free to offer your own suggestions.


A passing paper must address all these four parts and cite at least three relevant sources, not including your textbook. Not encyclopedias or dictionaries or Wikipedia should be used.


Late submission will be penalized one grade per day of lateness, as indicated in the syllabus.

The title I chose is How is Instagram Influenced by social forces (business, advertisement regulations, users etc

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