Media and Society

Media and Society

  1. What device do you most often use for your favorite program watching or other chosen media? Do you agree that you favor the device that gives you access to the information and programming that most meets your needs?

The device that I mostly use during my leisure time is a cable box. The cable box is connected to my digital video recorder whereby am capable of downloading videos and watching them while offline. The best part of the device is that it does not need any tape to be recorded instead it has a drive whereby it saves different videos in it. The other important thing that makes me have its as my best choice is the fact that the DVR doesn’t need me to be home at a specific time to watch my favorite show or clip. It has an electronic programming Guide which is programmed to capture and download my favorite shows automatically. When I only select am away from the shows that I need to watch later, and it does the rest of the work.

The device is also capable of skipping the shows that I don’t need or see them as relevant to me. I prefer using this device and every time I want to entertain myself I pick it, as the first option before I think of playing games on my play station or elsewhere (Carah & Louw, 2015).  The kind of information that I get from it is the specific information I look for therefore I don’t waste time trying to skip some advertisements or programs that do not suit my needs of entertainment. The device is portable, and in a place where I can find the source of power and internet, I can’t mind traveling with it. When I want to record a series that is being streamed each episode per week I just program the device to download it and every week whenever the movie is being aired it merely downloads the episode for me.

2.How does the program meet your specific needs and goals?  Who else do you know that also seeks out this programming (movie, TV, radio show, game) and do they do so for the same reasons as you?  Why are their uses of this programming similar or different from your own?

Compared to Amazon and other programs, cable TV is way better since it can run whether am in the house or not. It has several advantages such as being cheaper and it does not require any sophisticated skills to operate. I use the device for downloading and watching my favorite TV show and series the scorpion (Kennedy & Hills, 2015). The scorpion is a fiction movie series which presents seven characters who work as a team to solve technical issues in the state. The most influential role is Walter Obrien who presents a genius mind in trying to address the problems through programming skills and computing that he has. Other characters include Sylvester who is a genius in mathematics and always assists the team in solving problems that need figures for them to save people or prevent disaster.

My friend Allan also use the cable TV as he studies at night while leaving the device to download stuff for him to come and watch later. Allan prefers cable TV since it’s easy to operate and whenever he needs to download the same video that he needs it takes concise time. He also likes the device based on similar reasons as mine as he loves watching series. Therefore, he does not need to be there to download episode after the other as he can just program the device to download and when he comes back everything is ready for him to use.

  1. What does this program or other media tell you about your place in the world about how much access you have to things you want in the “real” world? When you are stressed out, do you turn to this programming more or less?  Why?

With the use of this device, it insinuates my mind that is in a real digital world whereby whenever I want to find entertainment or information it is only by a click of a tab. The device can also convert the different format of the video into various forms such as mp4, mp3 or other versions which can be easily watched using different devices. Whenever I am stressed I always just sit down and try to review events on the scorpion that I had watched earlier before. The movie puts me in a state of relaxation and motivation, and the best thing that I do is fantasize on having a high IQ whereby I would always have answers to every problem that comes my way. It also encourages me to help others the same way the characters of the movie do when people face any difficulty. The series is a complete representation of the reality that is being brought by technological modernity. Through the program also, it represents a nurturing behavior of how kids can be brought up and become geniuses the same way Walter hacked a military system when he was only seven years old (Kennedy & Hills, 2015).

  1. What does this programming tell you about people who are different from you regarding race, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs, socio-economic status, gender, religion or nationality? Are they portrayed in a positive or negative light?  What kinds of power do they have?

I thought based on the scorpion and how it relates to different kinds of people about race, age, sexual orientation, political beliefs, socio-economic status, gender, religion or nationality it comes closer to certain aspects such as the age. Regarding it, mostly watched by youth who are capable of understanding that computer skills have a wide range of problems that it can solve. Based on gender the program has equal gender participation which does not glorify either the masculine or the feminine domain (Kennedy & Hills, 2015). The reason behind it is because all the characters are almost balanced. There is a lady whose role is engineering in the show and a guy known us Tobi who was once a nurse. It contradicts the traditional work occupation based on gender. Based on the gender inclusion we can deduce that the participation is presented positively through the different roles that the women and the men play in the movie.

Based on the age of the characters the film shows characters who are in their young stage since no one of them is married accept happy who is engaged and the other lady has a kid who is also genius. The programs, therefore, tells me that regardless of the age bracket, different gender, and social, an economic status I can be capable of doing anything that I see I can.


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