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The event project to be engaged in is a dinner event held by Apple Inc. for the workers of the company. The event is to be aired live and will incorporate discussions of the strategies the Company has designed in meeting the customer needs, providing them with promotive elements and ensuring the prices are fair. The event’s theme is “Prepare for Success.”

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Event planning refers to a process utilized in handling the specific projects that involve the planning, controlling and coordinating an event. The significant factors that must be considered while planning for an event are the site location, scheduling, budgets, security, catering, decoration of the scene, the public-address system, among other elements necessary for the event. This paper will prepare a dinner Event and describe how it aligns with the company’s mission targeting the employees of the company.

Part 1: The Event

The event is conducted in the preparation of a dinner party with the theme being to “Prepare for Success.” The event is performed with the sponsorship of Apple Inc. and targets to have their workers attend to the same to interact, share ideas and feel part of the company. The planning of this event is to be done with a number of different strategies to meet the standards expected for the company and for the event itself. As such, the planning of the event will follow this structure:

Team Selection

For the project to be successful, it will be imperative to select a specific team to work with. The team must include the project manager, marketing team, finance secretary, and other individuals who may be valuable to the project. According to Allen, (2010), the team should develop strategies on what the event should meet, define how to brand the theme of the event to meet with the colors of the other resources

Site Selection

After the team has already met and become acquainted with each other, then the team can identify the specific location which they believe is best suited for such a meeting. The place can be indoor or outdoor depending on the needs of the customer. However, Friedmann, (2011) suggests that this site must be conducive for the event and should not be prohibited or pose any security threats on to the event.

Budgeting for the Resources

One of the critical essential aspects in the process of developing a budget is the development of a comprehensive budget. The budget is responsible for covering the overall costs incurred in the event, and should, therefore, be projected with at least 5% of the total budget just to be on a safer side. The tabulation must ensure to include all the elements that are essential to the event as forgetting any of these items would result in negative outcomes for the event, delays and sometimes cancellation of the same

Obtaining Resources

Friedmann, (2011) suggests that the resources should be selected during this stage These resources are inclusive of the human resources, public address systems, chairs, catering services, banners, security forces and extra materials that might be needed to customize the event. With the resources available, then the decoration of the site for the event and preparation of the event can commence.

Decoration of the Site

The decoration of the site is undertaken after all the required resources are availed to the project. It is important that the decoration of the event be done to meet the needs and specifications of the party responsible for the same. The ribbon will finalize the preparation plan for the event, and all the resources will be aligned to ensure that that adverse impacts will not impact the project. The theme of the event should be printed on a banner and hanged on three specific points for ease in noticing the same. Similarly, chairs must be arranged depending on departments of the Apple Company for ease in discussion and collaboration.

Linking the Company Image

Since the theme of the event will be printed on three banners that will be strategically positioned to be easily noticed, it will be easier to identify the purpose of the event itself. Also, the logo of the company will be printed along with the theme for easier identification of the supporting organization for the event. In maximizing the chances of noticing the company supporting the event, the name and Logo of the firm will be printed on the menu and soviets served to the attending members of the event. The printing of the same will link the company’s image to the event and will ensure that every individual understands the organization in support of the event.

Creating a Presence

To create a presence, the project must consider the target audience, the theme, and the available resources. According to James, and Dechrau, (2011), creating a presence is important in ensuring the day is not only memorable for the audience but creates and delivers a message to the audience. One of the best approaches will be to use fireworks. Using the skills from the workers developing and setting up the event, it is possible to design the name of the supporting company, its theme, and logo. The development of such artistic media will ensure that the audience remembers the event, its theme, the company supporting the same and every aspect involved in the design of the same. Similarly, the setting can be arranged in a specific design that outlines the theme, the company or the logo of the same.


For such an event, developing a souvenir is one of the most important aspects to ensure the attending individuals remember about the event. The takeaway products must have the logo of the company supporting the event, its name and the theme for the same. According to Wynne, (2013), branding the takeaway products in such a manner ensures the attending parties remember about the event even at later times. For this particular dinner event, the souvenir will be a key holder, with Apple’s logo and the theme for the event. These key holders will be delivered to each of the attending members as a takeaway product.

Part Two

Attention-Grabbing Opening

It is important that the opening of the event be memorable enough to obtain the attention of the viewers on the media and entertaining to the attending parties. To ensure the attention of these persons is attained, there are various activities which will be engaged in. These activities are:

Dance Event

The dance event is expected to start and kick off the event. To capture the attention of the viewers, dancers can be organized and aligned in specific lines to commence their moves. Similarly, the lights may be dimmed to low lighting on the scene to ensure that there is low light to assist the dancers in moving and preparation. When these lights are kicked off, only then can the dancers begin to perform. This will surely grab the attention of any person viewing from home and the current participants. As such this will be the key starting performance.

Performance from Renown Musicians

It is evident that the performance from the renown musicians is important in any event. Despite being a business-related occasion, their involvement in the same will assist to increase the concentration and grab the attention of the viewers. These musicians can be arranged to perform based on their popularity, the least popular starting and the most popular ending the show. Through this approach, the attention of the viewers is grabbed, and they are left ready for the event.

Magic Shows

The illusion may be considered childish, but for such an event, it is among the elements that may help to capture the attention of the population. Accordant to Allen, (2010), magic shows help to capture the attention of the crowd as they are actions done in extreme speed that happen and leave people wondering. It is notable that majority of the people may concentrate on watching any magic show activity and hence its inclusion will be relevant in the dinner event.


The fireworks will be the climax for attaining the attention of the people. Since these gadgets are designed to produce both light and sound, the Public-Address system can be tuned down, and lights dimmed before the fireworks are drawn. On launch, the sound produced, and figures, names, and logo printed by these fireworks on the sky will provide the attendees and viewers of the occasion with the best opportunity to marvel at their beauty, hence grabbing their attention. The activity will also help to identify the theme and the supporting organization for the event. Therefore, these fireworks can be launched first or after speech from all the leaders has been given.

Part 2: One Page Pitch

Dear Editor,

On November 30th, 2017, we plan on having a dinner event for the workers of Apple Inc., with the theme of the event is “Prepare for Success.” The event is set to accommodate at least 8,000 people, inclusive of workers from Apple Inc., its associates and their family members. The occasion will contain major sections of entertainment, public speaking and finally the address from the CEO of the company. Also, there are some renown people who are invited and have confirmed their attendance and will be speaking at the event.  

It is our humble request that your media station can find it fitting to cast the meeting with your undisputable professionalism. There are many media houses available, but we would appreciate it if your house would have the chance and time to air our event. The company aims at describing the strategy they have developed to maximize the quality of products they have developed for the consumers, the pricing strategy to be used and the promotional activities that have been designed to ensure customers get the best out of the products of Apple Inc.

It would, therefore, be important if your media house can attend the event and also air the event to the viewers. The airing will assist in making our plans known to the community and hence will ensure the company’s consumers and the potential clients of our strategies. Similarly, your company will gain by having more viewers watching at the given time. We have prepared a demo advertisement for the event and attached it to this letter. Kindly review it before deciding and responding back to us. You can contact our company through our director for more information and samples if need be. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon, and working with your team for the proposed event.




Part 2: One Page Recap

The success of the event will lie on the ability of the team developed working together and integrating their ideas into the project. For this dinner plan, the team must coordinate with each other to identify the resources that are needed and ensure that each of these resources is integrated to function effectively. The steps and stages that are necessary for the project to be designed effectively must be followed until the end of proper management and control of the dinner.

The use of fireworks, key holders as souvenirs, and printing of the company details in the Soviets and menus for the tables will be key in ensuring the event is memorable. According to Allen, (2009), the attendees will have something to remember the Apple Inc.’s dinner Event with and can always refer to the theme of the event on the same. The theme is also relevant especially since the major topics to be discussed include the pricing strategy for the company, the quality of products, access to them and the benefits and promotions available to the customers.

The marketing side of the event is based on the media house, flyers, and posters. The media house will air the event live to ensure the potential, and current customers of Apple Inc.’s products can view the same and relate to the content discussed on occasion. Similarly, the viewers of the media channel will benefit in watching this occasion, and the number of them will increase due to the involvement with Apple Inc. Therefore, with the appropriate resources and skills availed to the project, failure is not possible, and the customers of Apple Inc. will learn the strategies of the company and hence hold them accountable on the same.


The major factors that must be considered while planning for an event are the site location, scheduling, budgets, security, catering, decoration of the scene, the public-address system, among other elements necessary for the event. For this dinner plan, the team must coordinate with each other to identify the resources that are needed and ensure that each of these resources is integrated to function effectively. For this dinner event, the souvenir will be a key holder, with Apple’s logo and the theme for the event.


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