Process of menopause

McCance and Huether (2016) define menopause as the stage occurring in the life of a woman when she stops experiencing monthly periods. McCance and Huether (2016) state that the phase indicates that the reproductive life of a woman has come to an end. The phenomenon occurs between late 40 and early 50 years of a woman. McCance and Huether (2016) term the end of the reproductive years of a female that is permanent and does not come about as a result of medical treatments as natural menopause. McCance and Huether (2016) postulate that natural menopause process has three stages.

1.0       Process


McCance and Huether (2016) argue that production of oestrogen by the ovaries of a woman characterizes peri-menopause and occurs before menopause by 8 to 10 years. The stage starts at age 30and lasts up to the time the woman’s ovaries cease to release eggs (McCance & Huether, 2016)


 According to McCance and Huether (2016), a woman stops receiving monthly periods at menopause. The ovaries have already stopped releasing ovum as well as producing oestrogen. The stage occurs when a woman stays for 12 months consecutively without having periods.


McCance and Huether (2016) state that post-menopause are years that follow menopause.  McCance and Huether (2016) argue that menopause symptoms for most women such as hot flashes cease during the post-menopause stage.

2.0       Changes expected in menopause

McCance and Huether (2016) state that a woman at menopause is likely to have the following changes: weight gain in her hip and abdominal regions, sweating at night, a hot flashes experience and decline in hormone production especially oestrogen. Moreover, the woman experiences sleeping difficulties at this stage, depression and uterine bleeding that does not come as result monthly periods.


McCance K.I., & Huether S.E. (2016). The biologic basis for diseases in adults and children (7th Ed) ISBN978-0-323-08854, Utah: Amazon pub.


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