The suitable techniques of data examination are determined by the available data types, variables of concern, the actual dispersal of the variables and the quantity of cases. Dassanayake (2013) notes that diverse analyses of the similar dataset may possibly reflect or signify dissimilar aspects of the primary data assembly. While evaluating data, for example the number of patients diagnosed with dementia in a given population, it will be prudent to apply descriptive and inferential statistics in the examination the actual figure (Dassanayake, 2013).

Descriptive Statistical Tests

Descriptive statistics is the term given to the examination of the figures that define, show or condense facts in a significant method such that designs arise after the figures. Evocative indicators do not, nevertheless, permit reserchers to create assumptions yonder the figures examined or get to assumptions concerning any suggestions that could have been made. It is merely a method employed to define our facts. Expressive statistics are significant since if offered raw figures, it would become tough to envisage whatever the figures were presenting, particularly if it was extensive. Expressive statistics therefore, allows researchers to show the figures in a further significant manner, which permits meeker explanation of the figures (Dassanayake, 2013).

Inferential Statistics

Dassanayake (2013) explains that inferential statistics are methods that permit researchers to make use of the testers to create generalizations of the inhabitants from which they were derived. It is, therefore, significant that the section correctly epitomizes the populace. The procedure of attaining the goal is christened sampling. Inferential statistics arise from the point that sampling acquires sampling fault and therefore a section is not anticipated to completely denote the populace. The procedures of inferential statistics are the approximation of boundaries and testing of statistical theories (Dassanayake, 2013)


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