millineal leaders


Baby boomers are quickly leaving various private and public organizations and their positions need to be replaced with people with the same knowledge and experience in order to ensure the firm’s competitiveness is retained. Leadership positions are been taken up mostly by millennial employees. Who the millennial employee? How they can be integrated into various leadership positions? How can senior managers help them fill these leadership positions?

Key words: Millennials, leadership positions

Millennial employees

(Twenge and Campbell, 2012) describe the Millennial employees as the latest generation to enter the workforce and those born between the year 1980-1999. These generations of employees are in their thirties and hold various leadership positions in various organizations. They are some of the best assets in the companies they work in. This is due to several factors; content creation, digital immersion and open source mentality.

How to integrate millennials into various leadership positions

In order to integrate millennial employees in various leadership positions you must understand that balance and overall well-being are important to them. There must exist a balance between their mental, emotional and personal state. You should also understand that millennials are idealistic and they are known to work towards the overall purpose of the company they work for.

They also aim towards developing their strengths as professionals. Baby boomers in leadership positions are more concerned about compensation whereas millennials are concerned about the vision, mission and culture of the company.

Managers’ role in creating millineal leaders

Leaders in managerial positions planning to leave their positions should gloom millennial workers into the various leadership positions. (Gibson et al 2009) state that millennial employees are greatly motivated by close companionship, accomplishment and independence. It is important that leaders ensure that the job position been filled corresponds to the goals of the millennial worker.

Millennials love gathering information and getting the necessary knowledge, they need to be given the necessary guidance


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