Mount sinai queens

Mount sinai queens


Mount Sinai Queens is a medical organization found in Astoria and has been a welcoming hospital that offers various services that include provision of emergency, outpatient service, inpatient services among others. Since its establishment, the hospital has been growing at a faster rate and has high-qualified personnel that provides efficient medical services to the clients. The institution has been expanding to meet the ever increasing and changing needs of the customers (Aufses, & Niss 2002).

Organizational Structure

The leadership team of the hospital adheres to the tradition of success and excellence, nurses, inspiring physicians and other employees to drive success and quality. The organization structure comprises of Caryn Schwab who is the executive director. Trilivas is the chief operating officer and vice president of the organization, Brian Radbill is the vice president of the medical affair and the chief medical officer. Ricardo Bonio is the chief financial officer, Shelly Felder the senior director, communication and marketing. Jill Goldstein is the vice president of nursing in the institution (Rehr & Rosenberg, 2006).

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Mount Sinai Hospital is the provision of compassionate care to the patients with advanced medicine and seamless coordination through research, unrivalled education and outreach in the diverse ethnic groups served.

Services Offered by Mount Sinai

The organization provides various medical service to its clients. Turning to the work of Aufses and Niss (2002), the services of the Mount Sinai include cancer treatment, management of diabetes, digestive diseases, throat, nose and year treatment. Also, the hospital gives emergency services, outpatient services, gynecology, and obstetrics. In addition, the hospital avails primary care service and rehabilitation.

SWOT Analysis of Mount Sinai Hospital


The organization has been active in the provision of high-quality services. The team has established a good reputation, therefore, becoming more competitive in the industry. The organization has highly trained professionals capable of rendering high-quality services (Rehr & Rosenberg, 2006). The management team of the hospital has been useful in managing all the resources of the company.


The rate at which the organization is growing is low relative to the increasing number of clients seeking the services. Rehr and Rosenberg (2006) claim that Limited space constraints the extension of the hospital. Moreover, the institution lacks modern and practical technologies necessitating effectiveness in the provision of various medical services to the clients.


The hospital has established an excellent reputation and has a chance of expanding to other countries. The institution also has a chance of developing by utilizing the available space in its holding fully.


The increase in the number of medical institutions has increased competition in the sector. Political unrest in the region has been affecting the well-being of the organization. Geographic challenges where the organization has branches influence the effectiveness with which the hospital runs.


Description of the organization

The hospital is found in Astoria. It came into being in 1852. The hospital has a bed capacity of 1,171. The institution received a tertiary teaching facility acclaimed across the globe for excellence in the provision of clinical care services (Aufses & Niss, 2002). The hospital ranks position eleven nationally in the delivery of better medical services.

General Population Surrounding the Organization

People from different ethnic backgrounds working at various activities and learning institutions surround the hospital. The learning institutions provide opportunities to individuals to pursue different courses.


Mount Sinai Hospital has been among the most preferred medical institutions because of providing quality services. The institution has been growing to meet the increasing needs of the customers. The hospital has been competitive working to achieve its strategic goals


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