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Georgian laws of rape are ordinances that relate to a person who might engage in sexual intercourse with an individual who is below the age of sixteen. The person who has had sex with a young individual below the age stipulated by the law could face charges even if there was consent during the act (Spohn, Cassia & Horney, 25). According to the Georgia laws of rape, the prosecutor should prove that there was a violation of the law by indicating that the victim was under age and that the culprit and the defendant engaged in sex.

Statutory rape is the sexual intercourse between an adult and a person who is considered as incapable of having consented to sex under the law including minor as well as physically and mentally challenged individuals. The difference is that statutory rape involves cases of rape between minors, physically and mentally challenged individuals. Georgia laws of rape are considered when an adult engages in sexual intercourse with a person under the age of sixteen (Spohn et al. 42).

Maximum penalty for conviction

In reference to the Georgia laws of rape and the statutory rape, the punishment can range from one and twenty years in prison for the defendant. The penalty is higher if the accused is above twenty-one years where he or she may face a maximum sentence of conviction of ten to twenty years imprisonment. Spohn et al. (37) state that if the defendant is below 18 years, and the victim is between fifteen and sixteen years, the rape case is a misdemeanor and punishment can be of not more than 12 months in prison.

Aspect that is unique and why

Consent is a terminology in the language of law that is unique which individuals should be aware of. Persons under the age of 16 and the ones challenged are considered as having no legal consent in making sex decisions. Having sexual intercourse with such people is a violation of the law and is punishable.

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