Napoleon Bonaparte, regarded as Napoleon 1 was an emperor who exerted authority to European countries in the early 19th century. As Johnson (53) outlines he was a military leader born on the Corsica Island. He rose to the corridors of power through military ranks in the era of French revolution. The essay will undertake a probe on how Napoleon progressed and later went down from the intents of his revolutionary predecessors.

According to Ludwig, Paul and Paul (36), Bonaparte gained political power after a coup d’état in France. He strengthened his political muscle after self-proclaiming himself an emperor enabling him to continue conquering Europe. His shrewd, ambitious nature as well as his military background helped him exercise unprecedented control over his rivals. The military backing helped Napoleon stage a battle against various European alliances, consequently widening his Empire. The influence commanded by Napoleon enabled him regain power after a massive French invasion that had seen him exiled (Ludwig et al., 29). He propagated the principles of liberty, Equality and fraternity to European residents oppressed by absolutist sovereigns. The self-proclaimed emperor stated that he had established once elusive European Unity. According to Johnson (2002), French government crowned Napoleon family noble leading to appointment of Buonaparte to the royal military school. He received massive criticism while studying owing to his Corsican accent granting him spirit to succeed at all costs. Napoleon was exceptionally bright granting him an upper hand during his tenure.

According to Johnson (82) he organized a National Guard after breaking of the revolution making his government stand. His act of designing a petition requesting that Corsica merge with France gained him an unwavering support from French inhabitants. He demanded that Corsican citizens be granted equal rights as French citizens. This was one of his strategies to expand and marshal wide support.

Ludwig et al., (66) explain that to grow his empire more, he organized a Toulon village siege previously controlled by British. He enjoyed expansive political connections making him continue exercising unchallenged authority. A disastrous reign of Terror transpired in France but the fact that he was not involved in any of the factional struggles rescued him from the Guillotine. Bonaparte’s star continued shining while that of his rivals subsided. On October 6th, 1975 he waged down a royalist revolt. He continued rising after tying not with Josephine de Beauharnais, a fiancée of a guillotined member of French National Assembly (Ludwig et al., 56). His star rose more after appointment as a commander of Italian army. It was during his tenure when he led a combat team of 35,000 men on a war mission to Egypt where he orchestrated an attack to Ottoman’s Empire.

His efforts ended in futility when his men got brutally mishandled crossing Egyptian desert putting on woolen uniforms. The team ran out of food and suffered severe diseases such as diarrhea. Johnson (42) postulates that the unflinching ability inside Napoleon inspired his weakening men continue forging and never lessen their loyalty to Napoleon. His motivated team made Bonaparte successfully subdue Egyptian forces at the Battle of Nile. He constructed a series of forts to serve as a firewall against the British resistance. The British military under General Horatio Nelson command engaged Napoleon’s men overwhelming them on the spot. Napoleon abdicated his responsibility following the defeat and returned to France to protect his reputation. Napoleon was exiled to St. Helena Island prior to his death. After the disastrous defeat during the Battle of Waterloo he stepped down and was exiled in the Island of St. Helena Ludwig et al., (26). The recurring defeats led to his death at the age of 51.

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