Native American Culture

Native American Culture

According to Lynd, (2015). A lot of things relate to Native American Flute as a whole, and most of them separate it from any other subjects. In this document, there is a wide range focus on learning how to play the flute, history in general, and life lessons learned. Additionally, are the specified are the different tribes that are present in the Native culture. Knowledge of the history is captivating, and being in a position to understand all these facts is extremely beneficial. We have heard things about the land in Oregon, the people, and the cultures that have helped me understand Native traditions more. This document focuses on the Native American traditions as I believe traditions is the back bone of culture.

It is widely known that New Mexico is the home to twenty-two tribes. The reminders of many ancient pasts are present throughout the state, as well as the abandoned cities along the old routes. Upon the twenty-two, tribes are the “Navajo Nation.” It is important because it is the biggest American Indian community in North America. Their reservation is located in New Mexico. This tribe has their language that is spoken, and unique sounds that are very special to them. There are also exclusive wears and accessories that resemble meaning. Through these traditions with their tribe, they can express themselves.

One of their celebrations is known as Native American Feast Days. As relates today, feast days are as much of festivals of ancient Native American traditions and heritage as they are commemorations of Catholic saints. The day is acknowledged as feast days celebrate customary dances, cultural foods, and activities, to name a few. The performed dances express different stories that are purposed for deferent reasons. For example, the dance is a prayer as opposed to a performance. On this day the tribal members come together to speak their language and rehearse about their culture and religion. During this time the tribe prepared meals and shared them with their guests that attend.

The culture etiquette of Native American is reserved for dances and ceremonies. The special events make you show your dedication to the tribe, a lot of time and work goes into them. It’s not something that is thrown together at the last minute; there is detailed planning to make sure it runs just right. The reason these are so important is that it is celebrating the past ancestries, and it shows the respect they have for them all. They are celebrating their belief; their goal is to make it look effortless. They can accomplish this through practice. Guests that attend should and do feel much honored. They get to see how special everything is to them, and how much it means to the Native American culture. I believe other cultures can help one open their eyes and grow as a person. Whenever the Native Americans have guests, they treat them with the up most respect as well.

Something known as the Western Legacy is also a tradition related to Native Americans. The appropriate attire consists of cowboy boots, a blazer, and bolo ties. This attire resembles hard work and the attitude that they have towards their legacy. Many stories are told by pioneers about the western individuals that are passed down from ancestors and are favorites time after time. One of the wide known celebrated cultures is known as the cowboy culture which is celebrated at state wide events, like the state fair in individual states. As the celebrations kick off, agricultural exhibitions, rodeo action, horse racing and livestock competitions are done, where this kind of activities express the importance of culture as it is passed on to the next generation.

Basket weaving is one of the hobbies that are inherited when being a part of the Native American Culture. This is one of the oldest known Native American crafts and has been identified as one of the most widely aware things. Some of the materials they use to make the baskets are native plants and bushes. Names like, coil basket, and sweet grass are some of the names of the main baskets. This is because the names defer form deferent based on time and place.

The Native American culture celebrates their wedding ceremonies the same way as the Indians, which shows resemblance in their heritage. Certain traditions are common in tribes, and others are very different. There is no distinct way that Native Americans celebrate their weddings. It depends on how serious they are about their culture, and the tribe that they are a part of. This is because there are not the same traditions followed in every single group. One of the things that are expressed a lot are music traditions; this can consist of singing and playing instruments (Carmack, Gasco, & Gossen, 2016).

Healing practices and formal spiritual procedures are practiced today from Native American cultures that are adopted from traditions that were made from previous tribes. Looking at the idea of stories itself, this is something that is very important as well.  For example the traditional stories such as the Algonkian Indian Stories and Histories of Maple Sugaring, where they express the fashion, the traditional plants and how the communities did their activities. These stories try to bring out the importance of being part of that particular culture.

Learning about all the things that are important in the Native American culture is a fascinating concept. Society overlooks many things, and what society does not realize is sacred. There are norms in the Native American society that a lot of society would not understand as an important concept. Reano, & Ridgway, (2015), argues that understanding things like housing, stories, religion, dress and more are overlooked. Those are all ways they use self-expression. As time goes on, things change, and what is meant to be important changes as well. This is why many things are not known to all individual about different cultures, and the information is not accessed as regularly.


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