The nature of News

An example of a compelling story is ‘former husbands and wives fight over the custody of their children.’ It is compelling in that, divorce is among the most recent trend in our society today and affects most families. Therefore, many people will be interested to read the story or listen to it when it’s being aired.  The interest germinates from the factors which cause the divorce, for instance, lack of emotional support among couples, adultery, lack of sexual contentment, financial constraints and domestic violence. People always want to know the cause of the divorce to criticize the individuals involved.

The concept it exemplifies is conflict. Conflict is demonstrated by the news that talks about the problems facing people which give the reader or the person listening tension and suspense (Han, 2017). The tension in this case is shown by the desire to know if divorcing is a good step to take and suspense in that the story will compel people to ask questions that relate to divorce. They will need to know who wins custody most of the time whether the men or wives.  Internal conflict will also be seen in the case of the children: who will they prefer to stay with and why? The reader will be interested to know the children’s opinion.The story thus exemplifies conflict in the society relating to the current issues being faced.

Concepts have changed with time due to the need for immediate news coverage. Human interests have changed with time in that divorce has become so common that media does not feel the need to place it in the limelight neither are people interested in reading divorce stories (Weldon, 2009). Other conflicts have risen which are interesting to focus on such as heterosexual murders.


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