Nkisi Nkonde


Nkisi Nkonde


The nkisi nkonde is mostly related with the Congo people who are from the Southwestern of Africa (Henderson 2014). According to the Congo people, an nkisi is said to be a spirit, which is familiar to the people and can be called upon at any time with the purpose of witnessing and enhancing the transactions that occur within the community. The essay will describe ways that an nkisi nkonde transforms to a community visual record.

How Nkisi Nkonde Have Changed Over Time to become visual record of a community

Nkisi nkonde is a crafted vessel. Henderson (2014) explains that they keep on changing form their simplest form to more developed form. The nkisi nkonde vessel has changed over time since specialists tend to add more materials to the sculptures depending on the number of people who come seeking help. As the nkisi nkonde vessel is added more materials, it not only becomes more complex but also becomes more powerful.

According to Henderson (2014), the community people are always involved in the rituals that are presented to the nkisi nkonde by the specialist chosen thus nkisi nkonde becomes visual to the people. Nkisi nkonde has become visual to most Congo people since most of them take part in performing the activities centered on the nkisi nkonde depending on the use of the vessel. The Congo people have taken up the responsibility of involving nkisi nkonde in their affairs since the vessel has become useful to the people by providing them with what they need thus becoming more visual to the community.

It is correct to state that nkisi nkonde is an important image among the Congo people, which has developed over time. The image has reformed from simple form to more complex and powerful vessel over time due to the more materials added to it as people ask for more help from nkisi nkonde. Nkisi nkonde has become more visual to the people since most of the people within the community are allowed to participate in the rituals that are presented to nkisi nkonde.


Henderson, D. (2014). Nkisi Nkondi: the trace of transference in the analytic relationship. Mcgrahill pub.

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