Nonverbal Feedback

Nonverbal Feedback

Nonverbal communication plays a critical role in one-on-one interaction. Nonverbal communications act as a complement to the verbal communication channel and therefore making communication effective (Baack, 2017).

Some of the nonverbal communication cues include Kinesic cues, space, touch, appearance, artifacts, and paralanguage (Baack, 2017). The way people sit, make eye contact and pay attention to an individual can be said to be nonverbal feedback. This is used to determine the level of understanding and interest an individual has on the message being passed. To effectively communicate the nonverbal cues must match with the verbal communication. Analysis of nonverbal feedback application can be addressed in considering the nonverbal cues that are used and how effectively they make communication feedback easy. For example, if an employee does a good report and presents it to the boss the wards ‘job well done’ and accompanying this with a handshake and a smiling face can help drive the message in a strong way to the employee.

Nonverbal feedback helps in making sure that a message is relayed and understood by the target audience. The tool is effective in that it helps the sender in effectively conveying the feelings and is complemented by the verbal communication. Nonverbal feedback also has a direct link between the emotions and empathy of an individual. This, therefore, helps to effectively share the meaning of the communication intended to be communicated. It is easy for an individual to effectively detect if there is a mismatch of the nonverbal and verbal feedback in the different situation where it is applied. A good example can be in the case of a training session where all the employees can show that they fully understand what is being thought through the facial expression and the different body language. The nonverbal communication cues can be incorporated by individuals to make message conveying and effective.


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