Nursing care delivery is the way task allocation, responsibility and authority are organised to achieve patients’ care (Tiedemann and Lookinland, 2004). Various models of patients care delivery include total patient, functional nursing, team nursing and primary nursing which vary in work allocation, clinical decision making and socio economic forces.

Team nursing            

This is a care model that uses a group of people led by a knowledgeable nurse. It provides care to a group of clients by coordinating a team of nurses, licensed practical nurses and aides under supervision of tem leader nurse who provides most care assigned to clients, although some tasks as medication may be assigned separately. Team nursing is designed to make use of each member’s capabilities to meet the nursing needs of clients. It is a delegation of care to a designated team of staff members having various levels of expertise, formed into a team with different duties.

Advantages of team nursing are: each member particular capabilities can be used to the maximum. The model supports group productivity and the growth of team members as a sense of contribution. Communication is vital as the members have to give rising ideas to each other and to the team leader to allow correction or improvement.

The disadvantages are that it takes a skilled nurse to be a team leader. Furthermore a team leader may not be functioning up to his or her full potential because of being assigned an ancillary role.


To chose a nursing care delivery model it’s determined by how communication will work and the one responsible to evaluate on the time, cost effective outcomes and patients satisfaction.


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