I consider management and administration to be my most relevant and key areas of the function relating to nursing informatics. The institution I work for currently does not have a fully operational and effective electronic health records but is being piloted at another branch. This allows for the clinical staff to try the devices that are implemented and give feedback on the issues experienced. When all of the bugs are fixed the corporation plans to extend the program to all of the branches will allow a smoother transition into a new age of information technology.

TIGER competencies were developed by the evaluation of what all nurses needed to know in to practice with computers (Hunter, McGonigle & Hebda, 2013). There exist three parts in the TIGER Informatics Competencies Model that is literacy in (IT) information technology, basic skills in computer and information management (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2015).

Growing up with computers I have developed the basic computer skills necessary for the nursing profession. Although information literacy can be a challenge, there is abundant information on the web that contradicts one another (Hunter et al., 2013). Nurses must be able to distinguish between factual and fictional information and use that information in practice (American Nurses Association, 2015).

Resources that are available within my organization consists of IT technical support if nurses are struggling with their devices and are walked through on how to fix the problem. IT support is accessed via telephone or an online portal.

Developing my skills in nursing informatics competencies allows me to carry out research in evidence-based practice and implement it into the nursing practice sooner. Without those necessary skills, it could take longer to learn, understand and use that information.


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