Nursing Advocacy 

Nursing Advocacy

Accidental falls happen every now and then and reading this post has triggered my curiosity and interest on the issue. I have been close to a victim of a fall and known that the falls can have a great impact on the victim and also the ones who are supposedly taking care of them. There is usually a strain to meet the demands of the patient on the part of the caregiver and on the other hand, the patient may feel like a burden (Kharrazi, 2015). It’s clear to see that falls as much as they may be accidental, have great influence on them. The elderly are the most affected when it comes to falls since most are fragile at their age and falling is something that can change their whole life (Faes, 2010).

It draws attention to some issues like bruising, fractures or increased problems of mobility that occur after falls happen. The post also persuades the readers on the methods that can be used to prevent future falls for example minimization of fears and more exercise routines. Increasing close monitoring of the patients in health care facilities can reduce the occurrence of falls (Kessler, 2012).

I am compassionate towards people who suffer after accidentally falling. Attention should be given to these patients whether in hospitals or homes and methods of prevention of falls should be adopted (Kessler, 2012). Health facilities should lead in educating the society on the dangers of falls and how to prevent them. If I happen to see a victim of a fall, next time I might just be more understanding and willing to help them gain their confidence in a way that their fear of future falls may be minimized.


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