Nursing Advocacy

Nursing Advocacy

The topic of drug and substance abuse brings mixed reactions to different individuals. The work is intriguing, and I like the way he uses the word ‘discriminate’ to show how drug abuse has become viral and widespread in the world. The idea of substance abuse has influenced my thoughts about my previous views where it seemed a personal decision for anyone to turn into drug and substance abuse. I have seen people who have been hooked on drugs and going through this work has opened up my mind on how people get involved in drug abuse and the picture they create to others.

People who use drugs have the same mixed feelings regarding them. I have had an encounter with a drug addict, and it’s clear to see the effects and reasoning capacity of addicts. Peer influence has been among the many reasons why people are involved in drugs especially adolescents who want to fit in a particular class. If a person comes from a family where most of the members are addicts, there is a tendency to follow the trend.

This post draws readers like me into the experiences of drug users and how factors such as unavailability of health care facilities to treat drug users have affected them (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, 2017). The post also persuades readers on the causes of drug addiction which include genes passed down and individual behaviors. Family history is an influence in a way that the young ones tend to look up to the elders and if they are using drugs as long as they have known them, then adoption of the behavior is easy.

While going through the post, I have become sympathetic to people using drugs around my home area as some may not be their will. Health facilities should be more accommodating to those affected without any bias since a nation aims to have a healthy population thus anything that can be done to improve health should be adopted (Kindig, 2008). Good healthcare is encouraged in a country so that it will be easier for people to find seek medical attention when need be. Drug addicts can use health facilities to seek counseling and medication (Knickman, 2015).  I ought to gain some courage next time I meet a drug addict and ask him or her how they started using drugs and the impacts it has had on them.


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