Nursing leadership

Nursing leadership


As a person who aspires to be counted among the best nurse managers in the country, I have been able to assess my strengths and weaknesses on different areas that are related to my career. The first area is professional and personal accountability. Because I have been continually studying and pursuing other short courses related to nursing and management, I am satisfied that in the area of personal growth and development I am doing very well. Another strength that I possess in the area of personal and professional accountability is my passion for research to acquire broad knowledge and understanding of the nursing profession beyond what I have learned in class. In addition to studying widely, I set targets at the beginning of every year, and it is what I use to assess my work at the end of the year. So far, I have met six out of the eight targets that set for myself at the beginning of the year. When it comes to nursing ethics, it is one area where I am satisfied with my skills. I am a great believer of the truth and the right of the patients to access the accurate information about their medical condition and make their decisions freely without coercion. I believe that as a nurse, I am not supposed to dictate what is best for my patients but rather engage them and make them understand and accept the best action towards treatment. I am also doing well in the area of professional association involvement, and I have been able to link with other nurses and exchange ideas on how to grow in the nursing profession. My greatest weakness, however, is in the area of professional association because I have missed some meetings, I, however, look forward to improvement and I purpose not to miss any in future.

In the area of career planning, I can rate myself as having attained the best performance. I not only understand my responsibilities as a nurse but also possess the ability to creatively resolve some problems I am likely to encounter in the future of my nursing career. When it comes to understanding the future of nursing, I am very informed. I understand that technology will play a key role in shaping the future of nursing. I am ready to adapt to the future of telemedicine and serving patients from different parts of the world that are set to benefit from telemedicine. I am therefore preparing myself for the future by investing my time in learning more about the technological trends in the world and how they are likely to affect nurse’s future as well as how best they can be incorporated into the nursing profession. My greatest weakness in career planning is the attachment to my family, and sometimes I am reluctant to take jobs that are far from my hometown, and I may be missing the opportunity to build my career further by working with diverse communities.

As a nurse, I have been doing very well in the area of personal journey disciplines. I have performed best when action learning is involved. I have been on the frontline in the formation and participation in the activities of peer-group learning. I make use of the time we set aside for peer group activities to air the challenges I encounter when handling my duties. I also seek to know more from those who have had a similar challenge in the past on how to best tackle the challenges. Additionally, I help to answer some questions raised by other nurses that are related to the workplace and the engagement with my peers has greatly improved my skills and the approach I use at the workplace. However, I have a weakness in the area of council management especially in being able to make other people understand the exact purpose the council should be serving. Taking too much time in educating people sometimes hinders our progress (Sherman, Bishop, Eggenberger & Karden, 2007). I have however gained experience by working with different people and look forward to improving in the future.

When considering reflective practice reference behaviors/tenets, it is one area where I am doing exceedingly well. I always stand for the truth and never try to justify my mistakes through lies. I also do not discriminate against people based on religion, race, sex or their origin; I always respect our differences. I, therefore, work smoothly with people who hold different beliefs by seeking common ground. My weakness is that sometimes I may get stressed if I encounter other nurses who do not care much about diversity.

With my current leadership skills, I will advocate for change at my workplace by encouraging more teamwork as well as active peer groups that can identify problems and offer prompt solutions. I will also invest more time in educating people to respect diversity and ensure that duties are allocated to team members who come from different backgrounds so that they can be able to learn about their differences and how to tolerate one another.

My personal goal for leadership growth is increasing my knowledge to cope with the changing working environment. I consider pursuing a Master’s program in nursing online. The online program will prepare me for an executive position in future where I can be able to bring tangible changes in the nursing discipline in future. I will also consider working in a foreign country for one year so as I can learn how to adapt fully to a different environment (Sherman et al., 2007).


Sherman, R. O., Bishop, M., Eggenberger, T., & Karden, R. (2007). Development of a leadership competency model. Journal of Nursing Administration37(2), 85-94.

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