Nursing portfolio paper: The 21st century professional nurse must demonstrate the ability to be creative in his/her nursing practice

Narrative Requirements:
• Describe a situation that required the use of creativity in your nursing practice.
• Describe how you could utilize creativity to enable change in your workplace.
• Discuss the outcome of your use of creativity-also discuss how co-workers responded to your use of creativity.
• If you do not feel comfortable with the concept of creativity in your nursing practice, develop a plan to help you address your increased use of the concept.

My nursing experience currently includes working in a same day surgery area and post-anesthesia recovery area (after general or local anesthesia,) in a small hospital. I admit patients, perform care during recovery phase I and phase II. I also discharge patients including discharge teaching with patients and family. I have also recently worked in endoscopy. I assisted doctors with sedation of patients and technical skills during the procedure. I also admitted patients and recovered patient after conscious sedation and post procedure teaching before discharge. Ancillary staff includes endoscopy techs, scrub techs, surgeons and other physician staff, CRNA’s (nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists.

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