Nursing Portfolio paper: The professional nurse will participate as a member and leader within interdisciplinary health care teams.

• Describe the interdisciplinary team of which you are a part.
• Address how the interdisciplinary team collaborates to integrate the care provided to a patient.
• Compare and contrast the roles of each member of this interdisciplinary team.
• What is your role as a member of this interdisciplinary team?
• Describe opportunities you have had to collaborate with other health care disciplines to provide care.
• Describe how these experiences have benefited the care the patient received.
• Provide an example of a situation where you had to advocate for patient care as a member of the interdisciplinary team.

My nursing experience currently includes working in a same day surgery area and post-anesthesia recovery area (after general or local anesthesia,) in a small hospital. I admit patients, perform care during recovery phase I and phase II. I also discharge patients including discharge teaching with patients and family. I have also recently worked in endoscopy. I assisted doctors with sedation of patients and technical skills during the procedure. I also admitted patients and recovered patient after conscious sedation and post procedure teaching before discharge. Ancillary staff includes endoscopy techs, scrub techs, surgeons and other physician staff, CRNA’s (nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists.

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