Nursing – Professional Roles & Values

Nursing – Professional Roles & Values

Part F                                                               

Response to Mr. Newcomb’s Request

I would understand Mr. Newcomb need to see his mistress because it is his last chance before he dies. However, it would be unethical to lie to Mrs. Newcomb about her husband’s intentions. Therefore, my response to him would be that I would not accomplice in lying to Mrs. Newcomb about his intentions. Therefore, I would not interfere in his affairs with his wife or mistress if he decides to use other means.

Application of the Principles of Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Autonomy, and Justice to the Scenario

As a nurse, I value the principle of beneficence and autonomy. I consider being empathetic with my patients and maintaining their autonomy as an ethical duty (Zyblock, 2010). Therefore, with Mr. Newcomb, I would dedicate my time to ensuring that he receive the required treatment for cancer. I have been compassionate by taking time to listen as he talks about his life and family, which led us to bond and form a close relationship.  I have safeguarded his autonomy through respecting Mr. Newcomb decisions about his health. I respected Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb’s decision to discontinue the treatment process. As such, I respected his freedom as a patient to have the right to make health care decisions, which is upheld principle autonomy (Zyblock, 2010).

The principle of justice is the right of a patient to receive the necessary health treatments to improve the quality of life. Despite the fact that Mr. Newcomb was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I ensured that he underwent the usual aggressive chemotherapy until he decided not to pursue the treatment again. Non-maleficence is a principle that advises against subjecting a patient to a harmful treatment (Zyblock, 2010). Therefore, I respected Mr. Newcomb’s right to autonomy when he decided to end treatment, which terminated any harm, or potential danger that he may have incurred because of the aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Examine how Personal Beliefs and values Influenced Response to the Scenario

I believe that marriage is sacred and Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb made vows to become one in a sacred union. As such, it is not in my position to disregard the value and sanctity of Mr. and Mrs. Newcomb’s marriage by interfering with their affairs. Additionally, I pride myself with being honest. Therefore, lying to Mrs. Newcomb would have undermined my strong value of integrity. I could not participate in propagating the lie to my patient in order to meet his mistress.

Strategies to Promote Self-care

A significant self-care strategy aims at keeping contacts with family and friends. Maintaining close contracts with family and friends renders support to the patient (John, 2010). Another important strategy is budgeting for time and energy. The course minimizes fatigues of cancer patients, which improves patient’s quality of life. Moreover, prayer has been proven an effective self-care strategy for patients with cancer (John, 2010). It enables patients to have faith and hope that they will recover.


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