Nursing Transformation

Nursing Transformation

The world has been a changing community in the recent years, and that means that I have seen the various developments which are undeniable as demonstrated in this post. The most area has been affected by positive changes and advancements taking center stage. The health sector has not been left behind, and technology has been implemented. I have been to hospitals and seen all the technological advancements available.

I am impressed with the readings in this post and agree with you regarding technology in healthcare facilities. I now have an idea of what is going on in our health care facilities which are of importance. PC tools are being used to retrieve information such as records of patients, results from the laboratory and data on the drugs being administered to patients that help nurses recover anything they need regarding their patients (American Nurses Association, 2015). There are also phones used to respond and nurses have been able to use them to prevent patients from falling while trying to get up (Guarascio, 2011). Nurses use these technologies to get correct information of patients so that there will not be disparities in the admission of whether drugs or other forms of treatment at all.

The idea of implementation of technology in health facilities is ideal. Rural hospitals should also adopt technology and qualified staff should be taken to such areas so that nursing performance is also improved in these areas (Altarum Institute, 2011). I feel there is a relation to the other developments in other organizations not only hospitals. I have been to malls, and the impact of technology that is being used relates to the one nurses use in a way that response is just as fast. I have read other posts on how technology has influenced the dissemination of information in health care, and the ideas are the same, but this document is more persuasive as it explains thoroughly on how the advancement is acting as a stepping stone for nursing.

In conclusion, the adoption of technology in healthcare has improved the dissemination of information in healthcare facilities which has helped nurses in the sense of data retrieval and keeping track of the records of the patient and reading this post has greatly opened my eyes. I, however, feel that more research on how to advance the levels of technology in health sectors should be undertaken so that it will be easier for both nurses and other health personnel to gather relevant information easily and more conveniently. When I visit a health care next time, I will ask the nurse passing by to explain to me more on the relation of technology they are using to health information and how it has in general transformed the nursing sector.


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