Old vs. new world

Old vs. new world

Compare and contrast the population size of the various major civilizations of the world.

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Major characteristics of civilization were built more on the similar line regardless of early civilization or new civilization. When we talk about civilization, it is all about food, shelter and social interaction that lead to the growth of the community. The significant difference between the two civilizations is seen on how they utilized their resources. For instance, the old world invented crop as well as animal domestication to ensure their development. The animal was not only the source of food but also a way of producing more food through plowing. On the contrary, the new civilization implemented more of crop production and neglected the aspect of animal assisting in the process of growing plants (Audirac, 2012). This act has retarded their civilization development depending on the space available.

Use of technology forms another difference between the old and new civilization. The old civilization relied on animals like oxen, donkeys, and cows for plowing their fields and transport. Considerably, the new civilization did not use animals but adopted it upon spreading from the old civilization. The technique for gathering food was unique among the early civilizations who were hunters while the new civilization world did not hunt due to the animal variety available in their environment. To some extent, the new civilization world adopted and advanced the strategies used by the old civilization world (Audirac, 2012).

The contrast between the two cultures arises on their physical aspect like cranium, dental, sexual dimorphism and skeletal (Audirac, 2012). This difference is attributed to the changes in population density, climate, and technology though it cannot be justified scientifically.

However, many similarities arose in both civilizations with major attributes on the spread of the population across different places as well as the growth of the population. Though, the new world had the same experience but a slow rate (Audirac, 2012). Despite the difference between the two civilizations, they developed on similar lines as described above.


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