Openness to new ideas

Openness to new ideas

As a student who is in the trajectory of learning, I have a personality that is open to new ideas. I embrace new and ingenious ideas for example innovative ways of learning to ensure an all-round formation during language acquisition, new ways of interacting with other students and teachers to enhance learning. Moreover, I have an open mind to new ways of contending with encumbrances that are part of student life. Embracing new ideas keeps one at par, expands one thinking capacity and places one at the top of learning curve.

Seeking personal growth by learning new skills

I seek personal growth by adopting a personal growth mind set. I purpose to actualize the goal by engaging new people and carders who I have not spent time with previously. The undertaking stimulates my creativity as a student and instils sense of adventure. I also seek personal growth by focusing on experience but not end result and trying new thing every day. I am therefore able to learn new set of skills every day.

Searching for lifelong learning opportunities and stimulating mental activities

As a student, I continuously search for lifelong learning chances by consulting and interacting with career and life coaches who help me maximize my potential. According to Catania (23), the undertaking helps one to integrate a culture of lifelong learning, face adversity and enjoy success.

Looking for ways to be creative

I engage in ways that make me creative. I look for means by becoming an explainer to maximize my knowledge, practicing openness, adopting a culture of asking new questions and generating myriad ideas when learning. I am also curious and I have adopted a changed perspective when learning.

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