Organizations and Missions

Organizations and Missions

Descriptions about Organizations and Missions

The study has discussed the Environmental Defense and Earth First environment organizations. The mission that Environmental Defense pursues is taking care of the natural surroundings that life depends upon (Goldst, 2016). The organization work to get solutions to most environmental problems in the planet, climate change, taking care of the wildlife and human being’s health. Business leaders, community, and the scientists support the organization (Goldst, 2016).

Earth First group majorly protects the mother earth. The organization is well known as warrior society where they take all the requisite measures to kill all the earth adversaries. The primary target is the farmers who grow modified crops and the loggers. It is a movement where there are no members (Turs, 2016). Earth First is a grassroots organization. The idea of forming Earth First organization came after increased and ineffective environment issues that came up. Scientists confirmed that most of the earth cultures had been destroyed (Turs, 2016). With a philosophy of ecology, Earth first believes that its philosophy is anti-earth and anti-liberty. The structure of the organization is not hierarchical and formal leadership is highly opposed (Geert, 2016)

Foundations of the Organizations

The environmental defense was formed in 1967 when a small group of people was awarded pesticide DDT. In 1970, the group termed some hunted whales as endangered species leading to opening of an office in Washington. In 1975, an economist called Zach Willey was hired to work in the organization full-time. Later, in 1990 they were able to reduce the acid rains after undertaking an approach. The 1991 partnership with McDonald led to reduced wastes. Daniels (2016) notes that the milestone was a notable achievement. In 1995, a program christened safe Harbor was established to protect the wildlife (Daniels, 2016). With time, the organization has developed and in 2013, carbon program was formed. The members who are currently there are more than 1.5. According to Daniels (2016), it is a good number displaying that the organization is effective.

Earth first began in 1980 on the southwestern side of United States. Several environmental activities were assembled (Turs, 2016). They claimed that taking care of the mother earth was necessary. David Foreman was among the first people who initiated the organization. Turs (2016) claims that he was incarcerated because of the organization undertakings. Initially, the team was made of country folks or the Rednecks.

Environmental Issues and Current Initiatives of Organizations

Environmental Defense focuses on protecting the current standards of clean air and curbing all the loopholes that lead to air pollution in America. It is because air pollution affects the human health. Reduction of the pollution will save so many lives, especially in the risky areas (Turs, 2016). The current initiatives are to reduce smog and other air pollutants, trim wastes in the gas and oil industries, and create awareness in the areas mainly affected by air pollution. Environmental Defense formed partnerships with organizations like Moms Force to enhance realization of the organization’s mission (Geert, 2016).

Earth first deemed as a warrior society, defends the mother earth. Its crimes are assault and unsaid practices of sabotage. Dave talked of monkey wrenching as one of the ways of environmental destruction (Geert, 2016). The current issues in the organization are promoting the sound about the environment, creating a group that defends the wilderness and initiating a poet’s society.

Differences between the Organizations

There are several differences between Environment Defense and Earth First organizations. Environmental defense is an interest group located where grievances occur example in the people’s yards while Earth First is a social movement found near the political powers society (Turs, 2016). Also, interests groups withdraw themselves from the rest of the community while the social movements typically create their culture, for example in clothing and music. Notably, the social movements groups have their ideologies where they get their grievances from, but the interests groups do not have because they consider their interests as mainstream. The main streams take part in the political activities as they outline their visions, plans, and their future while the social movement groups gain their strategies from their ideologies. In the entry process of Earth First, it is denoted as deviant while Defense is not (Turs, 2016).

Reflection to my Environment View

Both organizations contrast with my view about the worldwide environment. As for the Environmental Defense, which deals with air pollution, to my opinion, the group should have handled a more dangerous form of contamination example the water pollution that is killing many lives all over the world. According to Turs (2016), much as air pollution is also an issue, the employed measures should cover another problem.

The Earth First organization deals in the wildlife. It should cover all the animals and not the monkeys only. Geert (2016) explains that wildlife is vast, and many animals are involved. Therefore, it is fundamental for Earth First to focus on all wildlife animals. I would like to join the Environmental Defense organizations because I like their way of doing things and the working environment. Working in such an environment seems fun, conducive and comfortable.                                     


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