Organizational Change and Implications 

Organizational Change and Implications 

A major organizational change that will have implications for the organization’s culture will have to be the strict rules that Trump’s organization needs to implement as soon as possible. Changing an organizations culture is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish in any kind of business. When it comes to all of the negative circumstances that Trump has with his employees and partners with the Russians, the reputation of his companies are almost down the drain. By having his partners participating in crimes that they may not even be aware of dealing with, the overall organizational structure is poor and will continue to go on a decline for fulfilling the full potential of the business. Trump organization will face the change of transformational change. Transformational change starts with the very top of management and will trickle down all the way to the employees who are in the lower divisions. “These changes are usually implemented with an intention of improving the workings, profit margins and overall bottom line of the company in question.” (Smith 2014)

A major organizational change when it comes to transformational change will implemented for trump organization’s employees. Management within Trump organization must follow the path of always having employees know where they fit in with the overall picture of the assigned assignments. Communication is the second factor to the organization change. If an employee feels an unfit, unsecure, and unethical decision are being made within the organization, they must speak up in order for management to convey the conflict to a better resolution. The forces that are driving this change in the organization are because of the unethical morale that Trump holds in his organization. The real estate businesses are relating to unethical decisions and deciding upon themselves to cause a negative reputation. These forces are both external and internal in the means of various employees committing the acts and not just one designated manager.

The specific business needs driving the change (4-B)

            The specific business needs that are driving the change are being implemented towards the management of each individual business within the trump organization. By providing the needs of the employees with the new organizational change and culture of the entire organization, the employees will be able to grasp and achieve the satisfaction of the goals that need to be made. Trump organization has various components of what needs to be changed for the integrity and reputation for the entire company. Trump is the most well-known name in America with him being our president, he cannot afford to have any more crimes under his belt within his own businesses.

When it comes to the specific business needs in order to drive the change is simply the crisis that s burning the reputation of Trump Organization in his realty businesses. Another need to drive the change is putting the employees and the consumers in the heart of the transformational change. By doing so, Trumps employees will be able to engage in a more trustworthy environment to adapt to the new culture. The employees need to know the skeptics behind changing the culture so that they can implement the thought process of remembering that different actions can lead to different results. With these distinct needs, the overall productivity of changing Trump’s reputation will start to alter in a more adaptive, positive manner.

Controlling (4-E)

            The controlling of the new organizational structure of Trumps Organization will be implemented by the top management in accordance with the lower branch employees. It is critical that upper management portrays a high degree of guidance and control to earn the trust and productivity of their employees. All of the controls in the new culture must be held to a strict standard of commitment. By implanting this, all of the controls will clarify all of the new ethics, goals, and moral of the company in regards to saving the organizations reputation. There will be charts posted to each employee to help with communication and tasks. By doing so, employees will have a more ease of mind who the top decision makers are in their work place and who to go to for any concerns against the new implications of the organizational structure.

Communication Plan (4-E)

            Breaking the new organizational structure to the employees will take effect by implementing meetings. The over-all morale of the meetings will bring a positive upbringing to the employees and will define a new line of trust for the organization. The meetings will communicate the expectations, changes, and new guidelines for the overall enhanced organizational structure. Some variables within the businesses will need to conduct more than one meeting depending on the sizes of the team. Management should be having separate meetings before hand in order to prepare a visual and verbal presentation for their employees.


Trump’s organization is a huge success in various types of businesses and will continue to strive in the right decision with the organizational structure that allows a huge corporation like Trump’s to succeed. By changing public perceptions by implanting the best strategies for transformational change, the unethical businesses are going to change around their moral for the better. Donald Trump and his business partners will do their best to change the allegations that have negatively impacted their culture and to transform their culture into something more humane for all of the employees. Every business has the potential within this organization to succeed and will strive to develop the course of actions that need to be implemented. The road map for Trump’s organization transformational change is going to allow better adaptation for the employees and will reach out to consumers that the organization is ethical and trustworthy.


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