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Human resource


In every organization, the human resource professionals are entitled to poses essentials skills that enable them to perform their functions efficiently. They are supposed to be innovative, game changers, the capability of building, good leaders, credible activists, technology proponents, strategic planners among many (Butler & Callahan, 2014). Any organization in need of HR personnel will mostly look into the above skills which they need in their company.

Those skills are also necessary for assisting them in making critical outsourcing decisions for the company that they work in.  In essence, when they are capable of practicing these skills they play an essential role in the success of the business that they represent. In this paper, I will efficiently analyze the HR executives’ decisions based on outsourcing together with providing a critical analysis of the skills stipulated by the human resource competency study regarding the impact of the skills in ensuring that the professionals efficiently outsource the agreements among other roles.

HR skills in assessing potential outsourcing partners

Galperin explains a six number of skills that the HR executives should possess, focus on and the specific knowledge that they will impact them. Some of the skills which are highlighted above are not limited to being change champions, strategic positioned and innovators. One of the most critical skills here is the decisive positioner which refers to the aspect of being able to convert business context and stakeholder into a business strategy (Sheehan, 2014).  They should be able to access strategically positioned factors such as social, political, demographic factors that affect the organization. The HR executives should be in a position to identify viable vendors that they can work together in the company for them to even become well. HR as an innovator is entitled to looking for different solutions of organization strategies that will enable them to acquire credible partners to work with for mutual growth. They should ensure that they can cope up with any change in the organization that is entitled to make them better in the activities that they are involved.

HR skills in efficiently managing outsourcing agreements

The HR has a significant role in ensuring that they negotiate for an optimal HR outsourcing agreement. The aid provides that the HR are supposed to be leaders in the organization. A leader is someone who can understand both sides of a party. In our cases, it, therefore, means that the HR executives should be well conversant with the business-related issue. By doing so, they will settle on a price that they negotiated with the other party. An outsourcing agreement will mostly contain fundamental conditions of the contract that both sides should adhere to (Galperin & Lituchy, 2014).

The different type of deal frequently used is the master service agreement that is used mainly in large international companies. The main thing that the HR is responsible for is to ensure that the relationship between the two parties who signed the agreement is well managed. HR executives being in possessions of collaborative skills are therefore entitled to bring in vendors and work with them efficiently which at the end will build a proper relationship between the organization and the vendors themselves.

HR skills in advising the CEO

HR executives are supposed to have the competencies of influential skills in the organization. Also, they are entitled to posses cross-functional skills that will enable them to be very conversant with issues that are in contention in a company. A more likely point that will be of contention in an organization is the decision of the CEO on either to outsource or not. Regarding this, therefore, the HR is supposed to bring forth their knowledge and efficiently advice the management on the issues that revolve based on decisions of outsourcing. (Sheehan, 2014) It is important to note that the decisions to outsource might be made by the CEO based on the cost which is only a single factor that should not be used to reach such a critical agreement.

Decisions of outsourcing should be a strategic decision that is made out of the critical analysis that should be done on the pros and cons that may result when such a determination is made. The HR executives are in proper positions to be consulted on issues that are related to personnel outsourcing in an organization. Reasons behind it are that they have been able to interact with the challenges that human resource has been undergoing and also when the need for outsourcing is critical they are at a better position to decide when and why (Galperin & Lituchy, 2014).

The rationale for the human resource competency study

The human resource competency study has been able to provide fundamental skills that the HR executives should posses however it’s clear that it has left some gap of skills that are essential in the new error that is based on modernity and technology based. Most of the HR executives over the years have been viewed with the traditional image whereby they have been acting like people who should take orders from top managers. However, that aspect has been proved otherwise since the HR executives should now be capable to not only take part in their departmental mandates but also the functions of the entire organization.

The most critical role is the administrative function that makes them to not only be policy implementers in a company but also involved in coming up with policies that will assist the entire organization to improve fully (Galperin & Lituchy, 2014).  They are supposed to be experts of innovations which make them come up with different designs of management of systems that will ensure proper coordination of various departments.


Regardless of the competency skills that the HR executives might have, the task always falls on the organization itself which is supposed to ensure that the HR professionals are upgraded. Upgrading of HR officials will involve introducing them into training based on the skills that they need which will make them improve in quality. Organisations will need people who are capable of understanding the business, adaptable and those who possess personal credibility that will enhance the day to day activities of the company.


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