Own Business

Own Business

My business will be focused on the construction sector where I will be a contractor. The business will be specialized in roofing, siding, remodeling, flooring, painting and fix windows (Harris & Ronald, 51). My business will have an advisory board comprising of individuals that have different experiences and skills that will be useful to the business.

The first member of the advisory board is my brother in law Thomas Myers who is physically strong and has the ability carry, lift and support heavy items. In the business, he will be acting as the strength of the group. Myers will be offering his support in monitoring the use of machinery like cranes that are used to lift heavy materials like steel beams. During the selection of the workers for manual jobs, Myers is instrumental in ensuring that strong and experienced people are selected for efficiency. Myers will also be offering guidance on planning on how much manpower the business needs to complete different projects. Some projects may be bigger than others, and therefore he is the best man to help us decide on whether we need to increase or reduce the number of manual workers.

Another member of the advisory board will be Bill Maynard. He is hardworking, calm, relate well to people, fits everywhere he is placed without complaining and also a good timekeeper. Bill is suitable to offer advice on handling employee’s affairs and fostering a good relationship between our business, customers, suppliers, and creditors. As a diplomatic person, he is critical to during times of crisis as he can be able to strategize on how best to handle disputes.

Jeff Glaspie on the other hand as a good planner and having the experience of implementing safety standards is important in ensuring safety as well as assisting in logistics. He will be at the forefront whenever the company is moving to a different work site to ensure that it is properly inspected for any hazards that the employees might encounter and formulation of plans on how to deal with the hazard because the safety of our workers will be a priority. He will also guide us in inspecting equipment and gear to make sure that the work will proceed without accidents.

Rachel Bringman who is my wife will be the advisor on financial matters. She has excellent accounting skills that she will be utilized to ensure that numbers in our activities. She will be at the core of deciding on how much we should charge for different projects depending on the variables involved. She will also be advising on where to get loans at the best interest rate to support our projects and ensure our business succeeds in the expansion. She will also be guiding the company on the strategies to minimize expenditure and maximize the profits.

Finally, there is James Miller who will be the advisor on technical operations of our business. He has superior abilities in performing complex calculations as well as having some experience in engineering. He will calculate the angles in buildings as well as coming up with a detailed project that outlines what fits where among other things. He will be deciding the type of materials needed for specific projects. Miller will also be useful in estimating the costs of the materials needed and hiring the necessary equipment for the project.


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