Stakeholders According to Crowther (2010), stakeholders are players in an organization who have a pegged stake, claim or interest in the outfit they subscribe to. The carder falls into two categories namely internal and external stakeholders. Examples of stakeholders in an organization are shareholders, customers, suppliers, investors and employees. Stakeholders affiliated to any organization must […]

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The Therapeutic Alliance

The Therapeutic Alliance According to Michel, Jobes and American Psychological Association (2011), therapeutic alliance denotes the relationship between a healthcare practitioner and a patient. The helping alliance describes the engagement between the two parties and the beneficial change that a patient reaps. The working alliance forms the most fundamental part when kick starting a psychotherapy […]

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Major Implication for Airpower

Major Implication for Airpower Introduction The battlespace in the air domain will be utilized in the future with the evolving modern welfare. According to White (2014), clear conceptual issues within the operations in the land domain seem to be clear; yet combating on the same is a challenge. There is need to have air combatants […]

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Child Abuse and Neglect Child abuse refers to the treatment of children in a malicious way that affects their physical, psychological, or sexual mistreatment and neglect of a child. The mistreatment might be from parents, caregivers, educators or any person who may be directly linked with the children.  According to Chen and Chan, (2016), child […]

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Waste Management

Waste Management Incident description and its Environmental Impact Mount Polley Mine Spill comprises breach of the tailing pond that drains its contaminated water into the Quesnel Lake and the Cariboo River. Consistently, Quesnel Lake was among the largest lakes in the world with clean and deep water. However, after testing the purity of water in […]

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Zappos Tony Hsieh at Zappos: Structure, Culture, and Change Introduction Zappos is commonly known as an online market for clothing, shoes, boots, dresses and athletic shoes. It was started in 1999 and has been under the leadership of Tony Hsieh as the CEO and a number of people among them Swinmurn and Hsieh. The profit […]

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Alzheimer Diseases and Dementia

Alzheimer Diseases and Dementia Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are not similar. Dementia is a terminology used to outlay signs and symptoms that affect individuals mind, operations from day to day duties. Alzheimer’s usually becomes worse with time and impact memory, thought and language. The risk of developing Dementia or Alzheimer’s increases as an individual gets […]

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CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES AND OPIOIDS                                                                                      2 Abstract Opioids are used extensively for chronic pain management in the United States. These substances interact with receptors on nerve cells in the body and brain. Opioid pain receptors are safer when taken in short-term as prescribed by the doctor. An opioid is said to be misused when used in […]

Panathenaic Festival

Panathenaic Festival Panathenaic Festival, observed by the ancient Greeks, was one of the most important religious celebrations for people of Athens.[1] This significant religious festival included numerous activities performed by participants from various parts of the Greek World. All Greek citizens were allowed to participate irrespective of their age and gender. Thus, all the men, […]

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