Astronomy The Viking Program Account for the Mission The Viking program was a well-known space operation […]

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   Dajiang’s Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness

 Dajiang’s Strategic Management and Strategic Competitiveness Dajiang (DJI) Company is a multi-national leader in the commercial drone manufacture industry. The company’s headquarters are in Shenzhen, China and was founded by Frank Wang in the year 2006 (Hongjia, 2017). The firm has redesigned and shaped both the external and internal commercial environments to enhance its profitability […]

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Communication Skills

 Communication Skills In communication, I have developed some strength that has helped me to improve my communication capabilities. I have developed the ability to deal with tricky and confusing situations and making sound decisions. I am also straightforward, and I try to remain an open book and anyone who wants to know my personal information […]

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Employee Productivity

Employee Productivity Introduction Employee productivity is a measure of a worker’s or a group of workers’ efficiency in an organization. It is an assessment that could be evaluated regarding the output of a given employee at a specific period. This productivity shall be assessed using the average of employees performing the same tasks. Employee productivity […]

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Routing techniques

Routing techniques Greedy heuristic is a unique routing capacity that works based on approximation of a series of algorithms which usually follow a specific strategy that involves use of local choices optimization (Toth & Vigo, 2014).  Clark and Wright savings heuristic is the most widely used technique whereby a node is randomly selected and labelled […]

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Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation Infrastructure Transportation infrastructure is one of the most prone infrastructures with regards to change in weather, criminal activities as well as other human damaging factors. To limit or completely ensure that the transportation infrastructure is not damaged the following masers and policies should be implemented by both the private and the public sector. Proper […]

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Human resource(HR)

Human resource Introduction In every organization, the human resource professionals are entitled to poses essentials skills that enable them to perform their functions efficiently. They are supposed to be innovative, game changers, the capability of building, good leaders, credible activists, technology proponents, strategic planners among many (Butler & Callahan, 2014). Any organization in need of […]

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