Para-social Relationship and How the Character/Person Is Compelling

According to  Dibble, Hartmann, and Rosaen (2016), the parasocial relationship is a situation where one party envy’s another party with regards to their character, ability, strengths, skills as well as achievement. As a result, the relationship develops to be a one-sided relationship because the envied party does not recognize the other parties existence. A character that I have experienced the parasocial relationship in real life events is the main character of the TV show Prison Break Robert Knepper who goes by the name Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell in the play.  I was personally drawn by Robert Knepper character and attitude as well as how he perceives the problematic situation into achievable goals and also the opportunistic ability that the film actor portrays. Moreover, T bag tends to develop the same attitude as well as characters in other roles that he plays on other TV shows. The reasons behind Robert Knepper is compelling to me, is that the same characteristics, as well as willpower, is what I most admire and work towards achieving in modeling my personal attributes.

How the Character Has Influenced Besides the Entertainment Role

Other than the entertainment, Robert Knepper has influenced me by his determination and struggle for a better life besides the challenges he has faced in his childhood, as well as the educational path that the character has endeavored. As explained by Paepke, (2017), Robert Knepper, strived towards the film industry since he was a small boy of 9 years old. The inspiration mostly impacted by his mother who worked at one of the local theaters as he was growing up. As a result, the character develops the urgency of formulation life goals and working towards them without resisting no matter the challenges, which is evident by the number of awards the character has worn based on the acting ability. Moreover, the character also influences me on how best to give back to society; this is because of Robert Knepper involvement with non-governmental organization in helping children from Fremont, Ohio, which is also his birth town.

The Character’s Motivation and Why

Based on Robert Knepper (t bag) character he has motivated me to be myself, even when others are against me or do not stand with me.  Robert Knepper has significant characteristics that draw me to her, negative and positive.  Based on the TV show, the character develops his character, which not only is dismissed by others, but they have to adapt to him instead of T bag adopting to their style and way of living in prison. As a result is a character is dominant that number how others dispute it, they have to work with him by adapting to his style of living. On the other hand, the character is a team player form the file “prison break”  for example he was able to coordinate with other members for the prison escape by doing anything possible for their man gender to prevail (Li, Wang, Shan, & Chen,2015).


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