Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Academic Honesty Workshop

Paraphrasing, Quoting, and Academic Honesty Workshop

In 2015 the total United States health care cost was $10,000 per person which was approximated to be $3.3 trillion. The distribution of the cost was as follows, 32% for the hospital care, 20%for the clinical services and the physicians and the remaining 10% went to prescription drugs (Malani & Schill, 2015).

Original Source Text: “U.S. healthcare costs were approximately $3.2 trillion or nearly $10,000 per person on average in 2015. Major categories of expense include hospital care (32%), physician and clinical services (20%), and prescription drugs (10%)” (Malani & Schill, 2015).

The minorities and the low-income earners enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid programs takes the greatest portion of the healthcare budget as most of their medical services and prescriptions are subsidized. This statement helps in showing the percentage or the breakdown of the healthcare cost in the United States and therefore showing the effects of the expenditure to the national health budget. Health is a basic need and therefore creating the need for the government to stretch and foot the health budget.

The quote shows how expensive the health care has become. The chronic diseases prevention has escalated the data provided, treatment and maintenance as the government have shifted from infectious diseases and focused on the chronic diseases through research and development. The data is also important as it can be used to make a comparison between other nations healthcare expenses as a percentage and therefore knowing where the nation lies regarding health care cost.



Malani, A., & Schill, M. H. (2015). The Future of Healthcare Reform in the United States. Retrieved from.



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