Path to Success

Path to Success:

Path to Success Paper

Each student will describe ways that they will be successful in academics. This assignment will enable students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and potential barriers, or roadblocks that exist for them. The paper should be typed, double spaced with 12 point font with 1 inch margins. The student’s name should be at the top right corner. The paper should follow the outline below and clearly address the following:

You will cover each in 3 or more sentences or statements: (1 ½ – 2 pages). Identify 2 barriers to his or her achievement of academic success. Identify at least 2 strategies for EACH of the identified barriers. Analyze the barriers and explain why and how the barriers are significant.


  1. Introduction

Include the purpose of the paper as identifying barriers to success.

Tell the reader why these are significant barriers and that you are including strategies that can or has helped you overcome these barriers.

  1. What are the barriers?

Give information that clearly tells the reader what the barriers are.

Consider: How do you know these are barriers? How might these be a problem for your academic or career success?



III. What are the strategies?

How can you overcome these barriers and move to being successful? Consider: What resources do you need? Who can help you with these strategies? What can or has helped you move beyond these barriers? Review your SMARTER MEASURE and “Specific Recommendations”

  1. Conclusion

Summarize your barriers and your strategies.

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