pe-nuptial agreement

Marietta and Jeremy have been dating for the past 3 years. They got engaged 1 year ago and are planning their wedding. Marietta was born and raised in the Philippines, came to America about 5 years ago, and obtained citizenship 2 years ago. She has never been married before and has strong family ties and family values. Jeremy, was married for 5 years, has one child that is 6 years old, and his final divorce papers finally arrived after 4 years ago of long and difficult negotiations. He built his company and is financially stable because of all of his hard work and accomplishments. He loves Marietta, and doesn’t want to think about divorce, but his past experience has left him uneasy and not only has the financial loss been traumatic, but the fight for equal custody was strenuous, but declared in the final divorce settlement. He would like to put a pre-nuptial agreement together, but Marietta cannot understand the reasoning behind this agreement.
Review the case study and assume the role of either Marietta or Jeremy. Write a 400 word essay explaining the reasoning behind your thoughts and actions.

Why do you want or not want to enter into this type of an agreement?
What are your fears?
What are your rights?
What are your concerns?
What would be the advantages or disadvantages of your decision?

Give examples and elaborate on your answers.
This assignment is a kind of case study about a pre-nuptial agreement. A few pointers on writing this assignment…

1. You must use information from references. This is not simply an opinion paper. Make sure that you are supporting your ideas with information on issues such as trust or financial issues in marriages, just to name two ideas. Using APA style is part of the grading criteria (20 points worth) and that includes using references and cited the sources where you used their information. Correct formatting of references and citations is worth 10 of the 20 points.

2. In using these references you must use APA style. That means citations and a reference list. If you are unsure of APA style you should watch the tutorial at the end of the syllabus.

3. You need to fully explain your ideas. You need to assume that I know nothing about this topic. As a matter of fact, you might want to pretend that you are writing this to inform a friend of yours about the issues because you have learned so much in this course. The goal of assignments in your classes is to be able to show what you have learned/know. In addition, part of thinking critically about the issues means utilizing your textbook or other sources to support your ideas. Not using resources will lose you points in the other sections of the homework.

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