Personal Narrative

Personal Narrative

The goal and objective of every individual is to succeed in all aspects of life. The sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that relates to this desirable status compels people to commit to their goals and work hard. In pursuit of my individual goals, I have encountered challenges and obstacles. While some people simply give up during such times, others devise viable approaches that they use to resolve the problems. Yet others resort to easier options that distract them from the previous tasks. During such times, I experience reduced sense of esteem and lack of confidence. In extreme circumstances, I question my abilities to face the adversities and even contemplate quitting. Normally, easier options seem more attractive than those that are hard and necessary. However, the later are more rewarding and contribute more to self-fulfillment.

In the current competitive environment, skills and competencies that are acquired during education and training enhance executive functioning. Individuals that succeed in both their personal and professional life exhibit high level expertise during the execution of their duties.  It is for this reason that I endeavor to work hard in order to succeed and pursue higher education. Just like with other pursuits, I have faced various challenges that threaten to prevent me from pursuing higher education. However, I have exercised persistence, patience, commitment, and hard work. Mike Lookee’s lyrics Get Back Up best represents my personal philosophy especially with regards to achieving academic excellence.

According to the song, working hard is not attractive to every individual. It is a challenging task that requires dedication, focus, and commitment in order to succeed. The song ascertains that when people commit to pursuing their personal goals through hard work, they are likely to encounter a host of distractions. These discourage them from persisting and pushing on in the wake of challenges. They may occur in the form of wrong advice and discouraging messages from friends and enemies. In order to succeed, Lookee insists that it is important to overlook the distractions and keep working hard to reach thetop. During such times, I always remember the far that I have come and how much I have achieved. This motivates me to commit to completing important tasks and responsibilities. For example, when I fail a test, I take feedback positively and focus on improving.

In order to succeed, I have always relied heavily on a strong social support system. In this respect, my parents and siblings encourage me to study hard and overcome the challenges that I encounter. In addition to emotional support, my parents have always provided me with material and financial resources. They pay for my tuition fees and ensure that I do not lack the essential tools and materials for study. In addition, they have always showed a keen interest in my talents and commit to refining them in order to ensure excellence performance at all times. For this reason, I am deeply indebted to them.  In light of Lookee’s song, my hard work in academics is a way of appreciating the efforts that my parents have undertaken to ensure I succeed. While Lookee works hard for his mother, I work hard for my parents, siblings and friends. My parents’ desire is to see me succeed in my social, academic, and professional spheres. Since academic excellence is essential for effective functioning, I plan to pursue higher education.

Lookee admits that during the pursuit of goals and objectives, successful people make mistakes. These have far reaching implications on their ability to attain and sustain brilliance. Personally, the mistakes that I have made previously pertain to allowing negative emotions to cloud my thinking especially when I encounter a problem. In some instances, I make critical decisions when I am very emotional. Usually, my sense of judgement during such times tends to be distorted. As a result, the decisions that I arrive at are irrational and compromise the quality of my performance. In addition, irrational thinking affects my relationships with peers and parents negatively. Lookee points out that the most important thing during such times is to overcome the failures and get back on course. He believes that the failures that one encounters are temporary and should motivate theminto developing or formulating workable and sustainable solutions. He finds it wrong to persist in the failures and makes a promise to rise above them by getting back.

Just like Lookee, I always try to maintain positive thinking when I face self-defeating thoughts. I refrain from plunging in a state of self-pity because it is potentially destructive. It prevents individuals from focusing on the ultimate rewards of the endeavor as well as on the fulfilling aspects of the process. By practicing positive thinking, I avoid stress that hinders sustainable progress. While I acknowledge the fact that I have been weak in certain instances, I ascertain that positive thinking has been instrumental in helping me face my adversities.

Another important aspect that I have learnt over time is the importance of exercising objective thinking when I face challenges and failures. This helps me to understand the problem in order to develop appropriate solutions.  I always take some time off my schedule to get rid of the negative emotions and focus on the problem at hand. In most instances, the problems are not as overwhelming as they seem when I am angry.  Negative emotions always trigger panic that undermines rational thinking. It is important to exercise calm and focus on the problem in order to find a sustainable solution.

Lookee also cites that opportunities for success are rare and do not occur at all times. In addition, it is worth noting that they manifest themselves in challenging scenarios. Usually, successful people seize the respective opportunities and optimize their performance during such times. This enables them to reap immense benefits from the same. In relation to my education, I strongly believe that the opportunity to succeed is rare. It requires that one works hard and uses the available resources effectively. For this reason, I always ensure that I manage my time well while at school. Furthermore, I utilize available learning resources effectively. Coupled with hard work, this has enabled me to succeed in my studies. I plan to continue implementing my success strategy because I believe it will enable me to advance to higher education.

In sum, Lookee’s Lyric Get Back Up resonates with my personal philosophy towards academic achievement. Just like other pursuits, education is an important undertaking that requires commitment and persistence. The song appreciates that successful individuals face a host of challenges that have far reaching effects on their wellbeing. It encourages them to overcome their problems by devising workable solutions to the same. In addition, the Lookee’s song states that persistence is an important virtue that all successful people should embrace. Further, it cites that a strong support system is essential for effective functioning. In this respect, I strongly believe that my parents and siblings have contributed significantly to my academic achievement. Finally, the song acknowledges that failure is an eye opening experience that successful people encounter and opportunities are rare. Personally, I have experienced a series of failures but I have learnt to overcome them through positive thinking.

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