Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing

I chose nurse as my profession because nursing is primarily concerned with advocating good health for the community, family, and patients, which drew me towards my calling, which I believe is helping people. Nursing, as a career, bears much weight and differences in other professional careers, as it is the obligation of the nurse to ensure the patients have better lives and become cured of their illnesses. As such, it should not be treated similarly to other careers (Badasch & Chesebro, 2016). I believe that my personal mission is to provide nursing care to the people in need, not biasing any individual due to their age, financial ability, spiritual and cultural practices or their race.

The apparition for myself as a nurse is that I will be able to provide safe patient care keeping in mind that the patients are human beings and not robots thus they need to be centered and given personal care and attention. I accept as true that it is my duty to encourage the patients that better times will come and that they should be actively involved in their care and health status. According to Finkelman and Kenner (2016), it is my responsibility that as a nurse, I educate the patient and their relatives’ health practices, illnesses, and implications as well as the simple treatment processes for first aid services.

The core of nursing is knowledge as explained by Badasch and Chesebro (2016). It is prudent that nurses have the knowledge about the disease of choice and the process of curing and treating the disease. The knowledge is obtained through learning in classes’ group discussions, journals and books. By having enough experience, a nurse, therefore, becomes competent and can practice their learned skills within their places of work (Butts, Rich & Butts, 2016). Additionally, a good nurse should posses skills of time management, excellent communication abilities and a desire to know more. The learning curve in nursing is always continuous, and thus the nurses should be able to want to know more while anticipating the necessities and requirements of their patients.

My personal value is channeled towards ensuring that I help people; having a caring spirit, kindness, continuous learning and compassion. I believe that in the nursing field, patients need the care of nurses as well as their sympathy, bearing in mind that their emotional needs are part of the caring bounds. Apart from having the core values, Perry, Potter and Ostendorf (2016) support that nurses should remember that they are also a human being. Therefore they can make mistakes. As a nurse, I should understand that doing my best will not always give the correct results, and if something wrong happens within my practice, I should work with confidence knowing that I have learned to some degree a new thing that I did not know.

As a nurse, I accept as true that it is important to uphold both the professional standards of ethics and our profession. If there is any disagreement between the beliefs of the patient and our personal perspectives on a given issue, then it is important to find a mentor to offer guidance through solving our conflict. I understand that as a nurse, I am accountable for my actions. Butts, Rich and Butts (2016) suggest that the field of nursing is always entertaining and thus, I believe that I will learn with passion considering that I can offer hope to most patients and their relatives through treatment and care.


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