Pillsbury Overview

Pillsbury was originally an American firm located in Minnesota that manufactured foodstuff and carried out flour milling. It was later obtained by its competitor General Mills and prioritized on dealing in home bake products and flour. Today, the company markets biscuits, breakfast foodstuff, baked cookies, cakes and light foodstuffs. Between 2004 and 2006, Pillsbury was underperforming regarding revenue generation and market penetration. The refrigerated cookie was not fetching a lot as it used to in the market as the sales had fallen (Bair, 2017). The marketing manager Ivan Guillen together with his team formulated strategies aimed at improving the marketing management orientation, focusing on the market and sales.

Marketing basis

The company carries out comprehensive research. Lou Pasato, the consumer insights manager together with Guillen, conducted Canadian consumer research to better understand their product preferences (Kruger, 2009). They based their research on utilization and consumer attitude towards their products. They analyzed how often the product was purchased and assessed how the consumers perceived the product through interviews.

Product Basis

The company concentrates on the product usage and the consumer’s attitude towards their products. They prioritized on their research on the products taste, baking dominancy, and product convenience. Guillen used the concept test in development of Pillsbury products concentrating on the products brand, prices, and instruction on how to prepare the products. They focused on creating products that were acceptable to a larger proportion of their consumers (Kruger, 2009).


To improve marketing orientation, one needs to focus on the product, it’s production and marketing. One should prioritize on producing those products that meet the needs of majority consumers with higher preferences. Research should be comprehensively carried out on the market on consumer preferences.


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