Plagiarism Prevention Worksheet

 Plagiarism Prevention Worksheet

Before completing this worksheet, you must read through and complete all ten write space learning modules on this website: After you have clicked on the module, use the forward arrow in the navigation screen in the upper left hand side to go to the next page.  Make sure to answer any questions asked and review the answers given. You will not be turning in the questions asked in the modules, but you will need to know the information to complete this worksheet and also throughout your college career. Use Module 8 (Plagiarism Flashcards) to assess your understanding of the topics.

Also review these materials in topic 3: Academic Integrity and Scholastic Dishonesty handout, play the Plagiarism Game, and review the MLA and APA formatting information.

1.) Describe three things you can do to avoid plagiarism in your work?

2.) Name three possible consequences of plagiarism for you as a student.

3.) Describe what is meant by the term “common knowledge.” Do you need to cite information that is considered common knowledge?

4.) What is an ellipsis used for and what does an ellipsis look like?

5.) In a 10-15 page paper, you should not use more than ____ long quotation/s (a quotation longer than four typed lines).

6.) If you fail to include quotations marks around a quote that is not a long quotation (a quotation longer than four typed lines) is that considered plagiarism?

7.) What does the Latin word sic mean and when would you use it?

8.) What is the purpose of a signal phrase and give an example of two signal phrases?

9.) If you have rewritten a source’s words or ideas and are incorporating them into your paper, should you use quotation marks around them?

10.) Describe what paraphrasing means. Do you have to cite information that you have paraphrased from another source?

11.) According to the learning 7 module, why is doing research important?

12.) When do you need to give credit to a source?

13.) Describe the difference between collaboration and plagiarism.

14.) According to the week 8 module, name two important things to remember:

15.) When you are paraphrasing you must balance these two objectives:

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