Policing and Crime Control

MOD 000712
Assessment Element 2


“I’ve been watching the police for 30 years and I still despair.” (Graef, 2009). Is this an accurate and fair sentiment to have concerning the British police?

General advice:
N.B. You need to be selective in choosing some of the problems of the last 30 years. There are perspectives of the police that are less despairing
Please ensure you address the sentiment expressed by Graef which is that of despair. How does the material you use relate to this sentiment? Agree, disagree or undecided?
How does that relate to the academic perspectives of the police developed by police scholars and police research?

I WILL ATTACH A ESSAY TEMPLATE/GUIDE TO THIS , which contains material you should/can include in the essay and will help you know what to include in the essay.

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