Policy and Clinical Practice

The application of public policy provides guidance and standardizes health care practices affecting patient care. Students will analyze how public policy is interpreted in their chosen setting. This assignment provides students with comprehension of how organizations address gaps between public policy and clinical practice.
Review the AHRQ Gap Analysis Instructions.
Write a 1,750-word APA-formatted paper in which you:
Describe a public policy that has an effect on your practice or on the problem you are working on.
Analyze the gap that exists between the organization and chosen public policy.
Complete a gap analysis on your selected problem and public policy using the Quality Indicators Toolkit from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
Evaluate the patient care and organizational consequences of the existing gap (e.g., lack of licensure, decreased reimbursement for care, fines, patient dissatisfaction, and reputation).
Analyze the chosen measure(s) (solution) the organization has implemented to close the existing gap.
Identify the toolkit that the organization chose as a guideline for success (e.g., EBP, Joint Commission standards).
Provide the timeline for completion.
Propose the responsible personnel who will ensure the gap closes.
Evaluate existing barriers to a successful implementation.
A review of these organizations’ websites will provide helpful examples:
The Joint Commission Performance Measurement
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
For Professionals – Hospitals and Health systems
For Policymakers
U.S. National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Please include the GAP analysis as it pertains to the writing subject.
I have added extra word count for this purpose let me know if I need to add more.
Here is the link:

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